Windows to Our Soul

I wrote this poem “Eyelids” back in 2000. Life is a journey. Wisdom reveals itself through our eyes, our hearts, our minds and our souls. I feel so different now compared to 20 years ago, and yet I am the same person, still exploring, questioning and learning. I feel compassion for my path and choose to pass no judgment on who I was then. Being human is hard with all our lessons, losses, successes and failures. I do the best I can in any given moment, and I know it takes but a second for my world view to change.


By Shirley Riga

Flaps of skin

Window covers

Closes so we don’t see

Closes so we deny truth

Closes to rejuvenate

Closes windows to our soul

Open light

Opens courage to see

Opens our windows to the world

Bears our soul

Respite with slow blink

Temptation to close

Determination to open

Eyelids protect our soul

Controls our vulnerability

Rejuvenates our hope

Tired, rest, sleep, closed eyes,

Opens heart

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Showing a lack of compassion tor ourselves for all our past mistakes and shortcomings is like trying to walk on a long journey with rock in our shoe.

  • What I saw in my meditation was like a dream. When I closed my eyes, I saw light, and then shadows. Then a figure throwing light out, then another and another. Then more. Then they had masks on. It felt pleasant, and I felt more alert.

  • Sounds like you had hyper awareness. I suggest writing down these images.

  • I’ve been aware of how I deal with stress. I hold tension in my pelvis. I’ve learned to practice saying “thank you for keeping us safe. Now you can rest.” I’ve repeated that to the point where I’ve done it regularly without noticing I’m doing it. Yesterday, I realized I said “now ‘we’ can rest.” Which was a new message to me. This practice is helping me get there to a calmer place.

  • Compassion for self is a key. Turning things over to a power greater than ourselves. Not having compassion for our previous self is like a rock in a shoe. We work through it, you all are my higher power today. I let go of things of the past, otherwise, I’d be hobbling around.