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Marble Surface

Messages and Musings

Gifts Unasked For

   Burning pressure pushing upward

   Resisting all thought in mind

   I find myself intolerant

   Of everything I find... READ MORE

Sweetness of Spirit

When wanting to focus within to feel the essence of spirit, imagine you’re sitting down to a sumptuous meal.  Before you even begin to eat, you’re smelling the food wafting up into your senses.  The food is rich in spices, warm and satisfying... READ MORE

How do I connect with my guide?

  • We encourage you first to let go of knowing a name, for your connection is through your heart.

  • Your guide is your special relationship. 

  • We encourage you to sit in silence with the intention of meeting your guide...READ MORE

Patience with the COVID crisis

Let us talk in the sense of energy for a moment.  On the one hand, a runaway train is out of control, speeding along reacting to outside forces. The mind without awareness is like a runaway train reacting to erratic thoughts, emotions and fears...READ MORE

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