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About Shirley 

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Shirley has spent the last 40 years understanding and developing her psychic and trance mediumship skills. These skills were innate as a child, but they didn’t fully emerge until after the birth of her second daughter and the unwelcome news her daughter had a terminal pediatric liver disease. This shocking news broke her open.

After her divorce in 1989, she became a freelance court reporter enabling her to make a living and move onward. Court reporting offered her skills she still uses today, demanding a high standard of acute attention, focus and concentration. She worked in this field for 25 years.

In her path of self-discovery, she made the transition from a heterosexual woman to a lesbian woman, acknowledging the fluidity of her sexual orientation. She was with a woman for 15 years, raising a blended family together, before her wife was killed in a car accident. A devastating loss, but one that Shirley had premonitions about, experiencing firsthand access to the unseen world, as well as experiencing her late wife’s visitations shortly after she made her transition. It was another tragic experience that broke her more open, more willing to experience life beyond the veil. Her wife's transition left Shirley with a gift of sound healing.

Shirley searched for tools she could use to help herself and her family, and she found Dr. Susan Jeffers’ book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. It was a resource she depended on for many difficult years and events. She became a licensed trainer in Dr. Jeffers’ work around fear, and for decades empowered people using Jeffers’ techniques allowing them more emotional freedom to find peace in their lives and follow their dreams. She grew into a strong caregiving advocate.

Through those tumultuous years, Shirley journaled daily, memorializing ways she was coping with the ongoing stress and deterioration of her daughter’s health. After a lifelong battle with liver disease, Shirley’s daughter made her transition in 2014.

Shirley wrote Tools for the Exceptional Parent of a Chronically-Ill Child (Strong Voices Publishing, 2016) a self-help book offering daily advice to caregivers. She followed it with Tools for the Caregiver: A Workbook for Finding Yourself Through Caregiving (Strong Voices Publishing, 2018), a workbook to help manage your caregiving journey. 

Turning inwardly searching for more understanding for the grief and loss in her life, Shirley followed her desire to integrate a spiritual dimension into her passion for helping others. She studied and became certified as a Spiritual Director, a training which helped develop her deep listening skills, compassion and awareness of each person's essence and the many ways the sacred manifests in people’s lives. In addition, Shirley is a trained Usui Reiki Master, Multi-dimensional Healer, and a Holistic Professional Practitioner, certified through the Schools of Wisdom She is a member of Spiritual Directors International. Since 2006, she has been exploring sound healing as an energy modality, and has studied with Zacciah Blackburn from the Center of Light, Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, as well as Molly Scott. 

Shirley has devoted her life to Spirit where the priorities of love and truth are the only things that matter. She is guided to offer psychic and trance readings as well as trance healing to the public as she continues her recovery and self-care. She believes mastering self-acceptance is a key to finding peace of mind and heart. She has a close relationship with both her daughters and has plans to write a book with her daughter on the other side in the near future.

She has a special interest in supporting caregivers, people experiencing bereavement, and the LGBTQIA community.

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