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How does one connect with their guide? 

by Shirley


  • We encourage you first to let go of knowing a name, for your connection is through your heart.

  • Your guide is your special relationship. 

  • We encourage you to sit in silence with the intention of meeting your guide.

  • It’s very easy for the human mind to step in and start trying to figure out what is seen and what is heard.

  • As you practice sitting in silence with intention, relax into the stillness.

  • As your mind tries to figure out what is happening, gently come back to the silence.  

  • Know your light body and your human body are aligning with your intention.

  • It is a recalibration of a sorts. It takes time, patience.  There is no failing.

  • Imagine you are surrounded with a loving, accepting presence.

  • There is nothing you have to do but hold intention. You are perfect just as you are.

  • Every opportunity you sit in silence, sense this loving presence.

  • As you repeat this practice, you will notice familiar feelings, senses, sounds.

  • Guides, angels and all loving presence comes in gently, loving and subtly.

  • You deserve to receive the loving presence of your guide. 

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