Old Habits Are Hard To Break

She had purple hair and a twinkle in her blue eyes

Colorful radiant granddaughter

She said she was bored and I said come here a minute

And then described what I was feeling

When I breathe in the ocean air, the smell

Is tickling the hairs in my nostrils.

Nostrils? She asks not hearing that word much.

I touched my fingers to my nose holes.

She laughed. I went on.

When I breathe in, my lungs are

Dancing back and forth so happy

To be out here with you.

I got up off the sand and we moved

To the sand pile she was creating

And we both went to work.


The world around me disappeared and

It was perfection to spend time in an environment

Surrounded by people I love

backdropped by rhythmic sounds of the ocean.

I let myself go. Worries flitted away on the wind

Aches and pains in my body disappeared

As my toes were tickled by the grains of sand

And my mind let go of time.

Over the last few weeks

I denied the desire and call of the beach

Because my mind kept constructing obstructions

Of my wanting pleasure.

First, it’s the sun will hurt me

So recent my fascial scar still hurts

Then it’s the drive is too long

And the world is not safe.

And no one wants to go with me