If I Feel Lost I’m on the Right Path

One of my favorite childhood TV shows in the 60’s was Leave it to Beaver, a sitcom about the perfect family, mom, dad and two children - everyone happy, functional, no strife, no trouble, just a blue sky show with pretend characters. It wasn’t reality. It was an ideal I longed for and believed I needed to be successful in life. All these ideals sat on my inner mantle for years until one by one they fell off, got lost, got forgotten or just plain rotted.

A mentor once told me if I’m feeling lost on my path, that’s good. It means I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. It’s confusing. The brain wants control. The heart wants freedom. If my mind is not in control and I am living in my heart, I can’t predict. I can’t set the chess pieces in the perfect position to predict how I am supposed to be.

  • What I can see is where my feet are – be present.

  • What I can feel is my truth.

  • What I can follow is my inner guidance.

Those are my three survivor tools.

The minute I step beyond my heart into the world of my mind, I get curious about the news and it hurts. I start listening to the fearful gossip and I’m pulled in to a chasm and start sinking. I start questioning my sanity and start believing I really am nuts. Maybe I should rant and rave about the chaos around me instead of practicing silence and calmness. It’s easy to find company by just stepping outside my door.

We are in bizarre times. Our world is broken open and the ugliness is flowing out for all of us to see. We are living in collective dirty laundry and slowly the clotheslines are being erected and the clean clothes are drying. The process is messy like life. We are learning we are all connected. What more proof do we need than to examine our heartache for what is happening around us. It all hurts.

Can I hang in there? Absolutely without a doubt. This meditative community is living proof I can. Through my life lessons I now trust I will not abandon myself again. I am not running away. My eyes are opened.

· I commit to show up every day with this meditation community.

· I commit by witnessing every person is a spiritual being in a human body

· I commit by taking responsibility for my actions and beliefs

· I commit by honoring myself with respect and kindness

· I commit by doing service for others

· I commit to participating in this movement of Oneness unfolding

· I commit to be present and keep my eyes on my own path and not compare or contrast.

· I commit to love, the strongest sustainable force of good in the Universe.

“We are living in a time of great severing and great healing. Healing is not possible without acknowledging what has been severed. And that is uncomfortable. The awakening and healing process is not smooth, it is not glamorous. Proper sustainable healing requires that we dive into the depths of the matter and find a way to wholeness. It requires that we resist running away and avoiding. Often it requires alchemizing. Alchemizing requires pressure, fire and often the facing of and walking through pain. To somehow be present to everything that it is unearthing without avoiding, ignoring, pretending, projecting or running away.” - Rebecca Campbell

“The world needs you cracked open. Not carefully stuck together. For many people, there comes a point where life has a way of knocking us over enough times that the pieces just have to fall on the floor. Try as we might with the super glue and blue tack, we eventually let it all come falling down. This is life’s way of rejiggling all the bits. Reshuffling the parts that were in the wrong place to start with. Especially now. At the time it can feel like you’re broken. But the truth is that you are actually more whole than you can possibly imagine. You are more whole and closer than you were before. And before long you will come to bless the things that cracked you open. Because just like Humpty Dumpty, regardless of all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, we are the only ones who can put ourselves together again. And you can. And you will. And it’s going to be glorious.” -