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I am Present

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

This is Ellen Dionna’s Irish prayer. She is my mentor, Celtic Shaman and wise elder.

Beloved Spirit, I arise this day out of your Blessings,

Fortitude of Mountains

Honor of Trees,

Wisdom of Stones,

Flow of Waters

Grace of Starshine

Silver splendor of Moon

With soft winds of Owl above me

Gentle Sedonay beside me

Hawk soaring

Bright Danu to guide me

With luminous Emerald Heart

May I serve you well.

This blessing opens my heart today. I set an intention to stay true to my heart. Every step I take, every word I utter, every thought I entertain results from intentions I define.

My body is a feedback system. I tune in every morning and get today’s forecast. Am I in my body? I send roots deep into the earth and wind them around crystals to return up through my feet, up through my torso into my head out into the infinite sky. I am a pillar of light, present in my body, awake and aware.

I feel my body sensations. I imagine my chakras humming in harmony. What is my body doing in response to what is happening around me? Am I leaning into my day or pulling away? I breathe slowly, gently, calmly, centering and honoring my heart, the center of my soul.

My body is a feedback system and I am open to the messages. I have important responsibilities in my day. I am called upon to act and problem solve and make decisions, all the while remembering to honor my vessel, this vessel that holds my tender inner child.

I breathe slowly and gently, honoring the center of my soul. I gift myself moments to regroup, reset and recenter when I recognize anxiety rising. A moment in the restroom; a moment in the car, a moment just for me to breathe slowly, gently, calmly. I center my energy, my heart, my being.

I am present in my life. I may not like life’s circumstances right now. I may not find every answer to my question. I may not appease every problem. I may not find solutions to difficult situations.

I am present in my life. I am doing the best I can. I accept my life in this moment and choose to ease my resistance and pay attention. I make choices from my highest and best good. My body is a feedback system and with my keen awareness, the thoughts and choices I make today will bless me with gifts tomorrow. I learn from every situation and keep moving forward. I am surrounded by possibilities and intentions. I am safe. I am centered.

“I enjoy the gift of being embodied. I taste the food. I smell the world outdoors. I see the beauty around you. I hear the sounds of the birds. I feel the air. I take it all in.” I am ready for my day. - Courtesy of Chelsea Wakefield

To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion, to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly, to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart, to bear all cheerfully, to all bravely await occasions, hurry never. In a word, to let the spiritual unbidden and unconscious grow up through the common. This is to be my symphony.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • I can never be reminded enough to pay attention and go into my body and see what I’m feeling. I concentrated on feeling my body and checking, almost like a tune-up. When I came out of the meditation, my thought was I’m leaking. I have a place in my left shoulder on my back that feels like energy is leaking like a balloon. I’m going to sit with that today and see what it’s about.

  • It’s reminding me of Donna Eden’s exercise the Celtic Weave that “strengthens the aura and weaves all of the energy systems of the body together.”

  • Yesterday we were talking about the salt baths and salt showers. After the meditation I was droopy. I often feel like I have to lie down after meditation. I took a salt shower which I don’t think I’ve ever done before. I took the sea salt and rubbed it around my body. When I got out of the shower, got dressed, I felt like I was flying. I was literally jumping around the house. I could not believe how my energy changed. I was able to have a powerful day as a result of the shower instead of figuring out how to find energy to complete the work I’m doing. It was amazing.

  • I have the feeling in my near future I’ll be buying sea salt. I’m delighted to hear what you just described. There was a sentence in your reading today about enjoying my embodiment. I have a friend who shared her reflections while dying of pancreatic cancer. She journaled her thoughts as she was declining. One of the things she talked about is looking at her legs as she sat in the grass and appreciated every blade and the breeze, and all these things woke up my awareness of the gift of living on the earth in physical form. Thank you for that reminder.

  • There’s a quote I’d like to share from the gratefulness word for the day. “Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human, uncertain, alone, cratered by imperfections.” Tahereh Mafi. I resonated very much to this quote and wanted to share it.

  • I felt like the image you described of this energy flow going downward and wrapping around crystals and flowing back up step by step through my body, that description takes the human and adds the holy divinity part. What a beautiful combination.

  • In envisioning the salt bath, it’s reminding me of a dog that finds the perfect place to get on its back, kick its legs up and enjoy the moment. The thought makes me smile. My cats are dear to me and I feel so close to them, caress them and see the contented smiles on their faces. I wonder what it would feel like for me to feel someone gently patting my head and hearing those loving, comforting words?

  • We have the power to comfort ourselves in that way. That is the key to self-care.

  • I love the image as well of the roots going down and wrapping around crystals and coming up through the core of light in my body. It brought to mind the paintings of Frida Kahlo. She was in incredible pain all her life as a result of a horrific traffic accident. One of her paintings is of her lying down on the earth and roots of ivy are growing up out of the ground all over her body. Your image brought that to mind.

  • Thank you for joining us today. Thank you for taking the time in honor of yourself. “Attention is prayer.” As we pay attention to ourselves and our world, we are in constant prayer. It’s just a lovely thought. I wish you each a day filled with blessings while calling on nature to honor us and inspire us to keep going forward. I hope you all have a gentle, calm day.

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