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A Mindfulness Blessing

I begin this morning with a prayer. I call in all light beings, all that represent love, whether two-legged, four-legged, winged and otherwise, I ask for their presence right now. I call in my ancestors who hold light and love for my well-being, for my heart. I ask for their presence right now. I call in my Higher Power, Universal Love, a holy presence, steadfast and true, to stand beside me, guide me gently through my day. I ask for this presence right now.

I ask to be mindful this day, with gentle awareness, respect and love for my human journey on my soul quest. I am mindful with my actions. I welcome uncertainty at my table and trust my way forward is guided by my Higher Power and Universal Love. I embrace my inner child and offer comfort and assurance I am here. I am safe. I am gentle with myself knowing I always find my way back to my heart as I lean in to my Higher Power. I am grateful to my Higher Power.

I am mindful with the food I choose to nurture and sustain me. My choices are for my highest and best good. I receive every meal in gratitude of all beings. I honor all beings who have helped to bring this sustenance to my table. I respond in turn to those in need with wisdom and compassion.

I am blessed today in my journey through my joys, challenges and obstacles. I breathe in patience and breathe out compassion. I stand as one with my spirit and human body, guided by my soul. I am whole. My light is a pillar that rises through my human body and joins with my spirit body. My strength lies in the wisdom of my soul. I am not alone. I am patient with my mind. I am not alone. I welcome my mind’s awareness and welcome my spirit’s willingness. I am one in my soul.

With this mindfulness blessing, I move forward one moment at a time. With gratitude and mindfulness of my breath, I bless the space around me, the angels around me, the guides and light beings around me. I honor my ancestors with gratitude. I am humbled by the power of Universal Love. I am held in love.

It is difficult to see it from here, I know, but trust me when I say this blessing is inscribed on the horizon. Is written on that far point you can hardly see. Is etched into a landscape whose contours you cannot know from here. All you know is that it calls you, draws you, pulls you toward what you have perceived only in pieces, in fragments that came to you in dreaming or in prayer.

I cannot account for how, as you draw near, the blessing embedded in the horizon begins to blossom upon the soles of your feet, shimmers in your two hands. It is one of the mysteries of the road, how the blessing you have traveled toward, waited for, ached for suddenly appears, as if it had been with you all this time, as if it simply needed to know how far you were willing to walk to find the lines that were traced upon you before the day you were born.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • That was one of the most powerful readings I’ve heard from you and you have read many powerful readings. I had an interesting experience this morning. For about ten minutes, I couldn’t find my glasses. I’m pretty much blind without them. I looked everywhere again and again. I gave up and got my spare pair. As I went to put the spare pair on, I realized my glasses were already on my face. It was like I am looking but not seeing. I associate that with looking for love out there and not seeing in a practical way. I can call in the spirits, call in the animals, call in and see that and feel that and know that that is real. I’m going to try to remember to practice that when I am looking outside myself for what I need and want.

  • To me, that sounds like walking through the Valley of Understanding, letting go of what you know in order to see.

  • That’s when affirmations are really helpful. They can be reminders. For example, “Where are you looking?” That’s great awareness.

  • Thank you. The reading definitely spoke to me, very powerful. Again, synchronicity. I tend to emerge myself in comforting things like angels. I went through an angel period where I needed images of angels everywhere. My most recent immersion was with crows and ravens. I saw them everywhere and had images everywhere. This morning, I felt a transition, really clear. Interestingly, I had already transitioned but I just didn’t see it. I put little tealights all over my house. Being lit at night is great. I realize I am transitioning to light, being drawn to light. Thank you. The clarity is wonderful and comforting.

  • Since I am so teary-eyed this morning, I have to say that I am an empath. The more I open up, the more I feel. And I feel suffering and it makes me cry. As I was sitting in meditation, parts of me want to say stop crying. It is not any one thing. It’s everything. I welcome my tears. It’s part of owning who I am, feeling the suffering, feeling the uncertainty, feeling the fear. As I stopped fighting it, I felt the transition and I settled into more calmness. Being an empath, we feel beyond our own skin, and it’s hard.

  • Thank you. It was powerful and it was especially powerful because of the emotion with which you read the prayer. It caught not only my mind’s attention, but my being’s and essence’s attention. I’ve been somewhat stuck, wanting to pull joy in and feeling there is this hole. My habit is to still go to the pain and suffering and to the egregious judgments. Yesterday, I went for a walk along the beach and forest. I came to gnarled trees, some dead, some dormant. Usually, when I walk through a forest I come out with a message. What dropped in for me was treat that stuff that I’ve been carrying like deadwood—to let it go, not feed it energy. Consciously let go of the burdens and suffering I’ve been carrying for years that had become a part of me. Let it fall to the forest floor, to decay and to become the fuel for new life. That understanding pulled shame out, pulled guilt out. I could somehow sense that it just was and I could lay it down. During the meditation, that vision came back to me and as things started to busy my mind for important things, I imagined them becoming a piece of deadwood and laid it on the forest floor and stepped over it and said ‘I know you’ll bring new life’ and kept going. It was really powerful and I’m going to hold that.

  • I’m grateful for that prayer. It touched my soul and it was so full. During the one year I was at seminary, I had a course on the Psalms. The professor told us that we could write a psalm. It’s not just the prophets of old who can write them. It feels to me that each person here and even those not here are writing things and saying things in our lives that are beautiful psalms. We can keep coming back to each other in our attempt to breathe in patience and breathe out compassion. That may be one of the shortest verses in what we are writing together.

  • As each of us shares, whether we utter one word or a tear, it’s amazing to feel the heart. It’s all about heart.

  • Thank you. That prayer was just beautiful. We have pain and suffering in our family. So many of us are feeling more and more pressure and sadness with everything going around us. I too can hear things and know things. Years ago, I was at a zoo on a field trip with my child’s class. I don’t like zoos. I saw a polar bear up on its hindlegs moaning and moaning. People were smiling and saying isn’t that cool. But my heart broke for that polar bear. A couple of years ago, I saw a lone goose flying overhead at night. I could feel the desperateness and pain in its call. They’re usually not alone like that. When I see flocks of geese, I pray for them to find enough clean water, may you stay safe from injury, may you stay together in pairs, and stay away from the dangers of humans. It is hard being so sensitive. In some ways, I think it is a gift, but it is a hard gift to bear. I’m so glad for all of you here.

  • It is painful. As an empath or as anyone who is highly sensitive, it is important to feel the feelings, know where they come from, honor them, honor myself for feeling them, and see beyond them. Otherwise, they just sit as pain in my body which doesn’t feel well. In my case, it’s been a lifetime of learning how to do that, and I don’t know if I know how to do it yet fully. It’s a work in progress.

  • Thank you for hearing this blessing, feeling the words, sharing your thoughts and tears and presence. All are welcomed and all are just as powerful whether spoken or not. I pray for my mindfulness so that I can move through the day and take care of myself as life changes as quickly as it is. I bless you all and thank you for being part of this journey.

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