Truth, Focus, Intention and Groundedness

I want to talk about truth, focus, intention and groundedness.

These four words are the recipe to my day every day

It’s like approaching a diving board with the intention

Of diving deep into a pool of water

My truth is the diving board

My focus is the direct path to it.

My intention is to bounce and leap

I’m grounded in feeling the impact of cool water on my skin

Truth, focus, intention and groundedness.

I have wavered at times

Trying to please others

Ignoring my wants and needs

Feeling overwhelmed by life

Not realizing I can help myself

By pulling myself back in my body

And be in the present

Lack of intention and lack of interest

With the dull presence of depression

As I move in a foggy world

Of indecision and regret

Every day is a new opportunity

To let regret go of what wasn’t

And step up again with a

Follow through that’s true.

When I am present I am

Less likely to imagine the worst

Or be mesmerized by fear

Or immobilized by shame

With an intention I am

Directed with a vision

And clear path to

An outcome I desire.

Truth, focu