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Silence is the Seat of Our Soul

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Last night we watched the movie Soul, an incredibly animated story about a man wanting something in the world, getting it and then dying. That’s just the beginning. It continues with his soul’s journey in a light-hearted way and his resistance to leaving his earth life. He meets other souls along the way and lessons are learned, acceptance is found and he ultimately goes beyond his own wants to discover the difference between the spark of passion in life and one’s life purpose. It’s fantastic.

I say bravo to the Universe. Bravo to the guides and angels who have had an influence on the screenwriters and producers and everyone else involved in this production. It helps me know we are on course. The subject of death is delivered into the social discourse of human life, into the hearts of humanity, and done so with eloquence and gentle reflection.

Through the dysfunction, the deterioration, the destruction and dismantling of what we know as our Earth, there are glimmers of hope for a new Earth, a way to look beyond what we know to envision new possibilities. I am encouraged.

No matter how learned, how prepared, how controlling, how brilliant humanity is with their thinking brains, we don’t know it all. There is so much more, so much potential, so much beyond our human intelligence.

“Remember Golden Rule #6, “the Universe always has a plan”? If the Universe always has a plan, then any form of negotiating could only veer you off your highest path. When you are embodying this Golden Rule, you are cultivating the soul’s attribute of stillness. The ego lives to negotiate, but the ego isn’t capable of being still.” ― Matt Kahn, The Universe Always Has a Plan: The 10 Golden Rules of Letting Go

by David Irvine

Welcome to this infinite place where mortals found a playground of grace. Among the darkness lay pinpricks of light fighting the shadows in a galactical plight.

Blackholes churn out storms of stars forging solar systems for life to make art. Through the pink nebula and stardust paths beings await, for all the questions to be asked.

The universe gives out and then takes back, creating a balance that awaits your soul to depart. Dancing meteorites show you the face of what used to be the home for a different race.

Planetary systems collide in the beginning but stabilize with the white sun spinning.

The elements are finally done – now gravity offers the rules for fun, as planets align and create a tail that forms part of the milky way.

Life starts from the beginning as aliens from different star systems come to watch, and keep an eye on this distant little rock.

Sometimes they say hello! While helping life evolve really slow. If you look back in history, other minds tried to tell you so.

Look up into the dark night, let the universe fall inside your mind. See beyond the boundaries of this life; seek a journey that will make you hold on tight.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • I have a thought about Matt Kahn’s line. It’s not my ego sitting in silence, it’s my soul sitting in silence. Maybe that’s why it’s so powerful.

  • Thank you. I saw the movie Soul as well. It was the most perfect movie I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I remember when Beauty and the Beast became the first animated movie nominated for a best picture Oscar because it was amazing. But Soul goes beyond anything I’ve ever seen. It was gorgeous. And the message, the main character was so focused on what he wanted and he had to learn to let go of that. He was even willing to use other people to get what he wanted. He had such lessons to learn. And it was so creatively done, the way he learned them. That was on top of watching Night Train to Kathmandu, another great movie.

  • We watched It’s a Wonderful Life. A wonderful message. You think you know the whole movie and then just going through it and saying, yeah, it’s a wonderful life. So many blessings. These are the gems we find.

  • Thank you for your prayers. I am so grateful. I was able to tell my family member that there are a lot of kind people praying for us. That was our Christmas present, the prayers, not losing power. The thought of taking him somewhere was so scary. He is so sensitive and reactive. I feel like nature and animals, trees, all of it, they are so far beyond us. They have so much wisdom and soul. They know so many things that we don’t. They have wisdom we either don’t understand or choose not to see or don’t appreciate.

  • I love your insight that maybe it’s our soul sitting in silence and not our ego. I think it’s true. It’s the closest we come to our essence. The ego is there as the saboteur trying to have our mind go in a million different directions. But if you can let that go, you are your essence. Thank you for that.

  • Thank you for joining us on this day after Christmas. Thank you for listening and for being a participant in your own soul. It’s quite a magnificent thought. I hope you all have a gentle day as we forge on through this year.

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