Believe You Can

I spent the evening listening to a free talk by Jean Houston. She is a scholar, philosopher and a researcher in Human Capacities, one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. She is a principal founder of the Human Potential Movement. She is an extraordinary living teacher.

"I believe that we are stewards of a time that is upon us - but often we need the encouragement of each other to be able to wake up to this extraordinary time and possibility." ~ Jean Houston

My life story began as a baby just like yours did. I was hurt, I suffered, was violated, disappointed, angry, vengeful, jealous, guilty, pathetic, vulnerable and gullible. That’s the short list. People hurt me. I hurt people. I learned something from every experience. Every moment contributed to how I define myself today. It is up to me what I focus on. Do I focus on the day I stole merchandise from a store and condemn myself for being a complete loser or do I see the learning in the experience and let it go? What memory am I holding on to and what’s the payoff for believing my old story?

Do I adopt my father’s bigoted mindset and value my self-worth as he did or do I recognize he was a wounded man who abandoned his heart? What is my truth?

I am a steward of myself. I look after me. I define my needs based on my beliefs. I was not able to do this as a child because I was a child, and I sure learned about respect and thereby adopted strong tenets as an adult.

My ancestors did the best they could with what they knew. My father did not meet my needs. The lack of respect I experienced defines my strong desire to respect. This strong desire ignites my passion to demand respect for all beings, both two-legged and four-legged.

"Your brain has one function-to do exactly what you tell it to do." ~ Jean Houston

I’ve created this meditation community as a steward of this world. You have joined in this meditation community as a steward of this world. We are living in intense times where change happens quickly.

Define who you are based on the desires of your heart. Train your mind to be your advocate. Believe you can. Be patient. Be a teacher and be the student.

Jean Houston says:

“We can hunker down in fear, or look for the opportunity to care, each in our own way. Our kindness is a light. The more we extend it, the brighter it becomes and the more darkness we illuminate. We can give without any expectations until goodness flows from our depths, presents new possibilities, and expands our sense of purpose.”
“So my dear friend, I invite you to create a new virus of caring, of a nobility of our humanity that becomes even more contagious than the one dancing in the headlines.”
“This is our time. We can choose to surrender to fear or we can show the world what it means to be thoughtful, to be generous, and to be proactive in helping friends or strangers alike. Perhaps this is an initiation of sorts in which we are invited to step into a new experience of our interdependence and empathy.”

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Listening to Jean Houston last night was so powerful. She kept talking about the Higher Self and connecting to the Higher Self and letting our Higher Self grow. The third one was about our mythic self. She said we are the ‘mything link’. I just love when I open myself up to my higher purpose and Higher Self and Mythic Self. I get so many ideas in that space, it just opens me up. When I remember to do it, it’s powerful. But hard. I think it was Leo Tolstoy who wrote it’s hard to think creatively when you have to change the baby’s diapers. Life gets in the way. But it makes a difference when we do connect to our Higher Self.

  • We subscribe to Jean Houston’s newsletter. She is all over Youtube. She’s written numerous books. She worked with Mother Theresa,. and she was friends with Margaret Mead, Joseph Campbell. She’s in her 80s; she looks 50.

  • I was especially moved by the words the ‘nobility of our humanity.’ I thought about nobility and how we don’t use those terms very often. Coming off the debate last night, I was reflecting on what is nobility. It is value, respect, commitment, loyalty.