A Moment Please

A moment in the mirror I visit myself.

I choose to peek because I seek to connect within.

I’m reluctant to face the panic inside and

yet I know it will bring ease if I listen.

I feel the chaos in the world.

I hold it in my shoulders and my stomach.

I want to see me so I look again in the mirror.

I’m still here.

I see gentleness and impatience.

Calmness and panic.

I am all emotions for I am one with all.

I see you I say to myself.

I see my willingness to keep walking

and talking, and smiling

using my eyes

behind my mask.

Life is not against me nor am I against life.

Life becomes what I focus on.

Intolerable sometimes and

incredibly blessed at others.

I am grateful breath happens.

I am grateful my heartbeat happens.

I am grateful for my able-body.

I am grateful for my able-mind.

I hold the heartache of dis-ease and

dis-ability and de-mentia.

I hold all my birthdays because I was there,

in body, yes and in mind, most of the time.

I experience life day by day, hour by hour and

sometimes I miss what is happening because I abandon my post.

Always I find my way home.

I look in the mirror and I’m still here.

Always we hope by Lao Tzu