We All Exist in the Same Energy

I witnessed it myself, the loud tapping on the window in the kitchen. It was a big black crow, or maybe a raven, and it was definitely rapping on the window.

My friend, Kay, invited me over hoping she could show me what she had been experiencing for several days. Her visitor always assumed the same position and rapped on her window. The message held an intensity like Morse code delivered with no time to spare.

My dear friend Kay and I spent many hours together exploring spirit. We practiced meditation together, moving energy back and forth, softening our eyes to see the faces of our past lives. She was my adventuresome friend and we explored and shared our spiritual lives together for years. She’s an angel on the other side now.

Close encounters with nature can be life enhancing. Somewhere in this house I have a recording on a cassette tape I made late in the evening 20 years ago while living in the woods of western Massachusetts. My then wife and I had beloved dogs and cats in our family. One of our cats, Cindy Loo, was very old and we were aware her time was coming when she would need to leave. I’m remembering on this specific evening when the moon was high, owls hooted to each other. The difference in this one night was the cacophony of owls was so loud, I was compelled to record them. There were hoot owls and barn owls and screech owls, and they were all hooting at once. One of the many symbols of an owl totem is they are an announcer of death, or a significant life change.

It wasn’t until a year or so later after the car accident that took my wife’s life, did I put together the synchronicities of my encounters with animals. My wife loved red-tailed hawks and they were prolifically present after her death, always demanding they be noticed when I least expected them. I’ve come to realize communication between the species happens more often than we know.

Everyone has a sighting of some significant encounter after the death of a loved one. Maybe a month after my daughter made her transition, on a sunny day, a double rainbow appeared at a moment when her sister and I were in the same room struggling with her loss. A magnificent double rainbow, with no recent rainstorm, announcing her well-being. We both still talk about the event. With my mother’s passing, it was birch trees. I’ve never forgotten I feel her essence when I come upon them.

Communication happens by more than just speaking and seeing and hearing. I believe there’s so much more happening beyond what my mind understands, and when these encounters occur, they are evidence it is true. Energy we all share is the common denominator. We all exist in the same energy web that surrounds the Earth.

Gregg Braden, author and spiritual teacher:

“In September 2001 two Geosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellites or GOES orbiting the earth detected a rise in the magnetic field of the earth that forever changed the way scientists view our world and us. Each satellite shows a powerful spike of earth’s magnetic field strength in the readings that they broadcast every 30 minutes. It was the magnitude of the spikes and the time they occurred that first called them to the scientists’ attention.”
“After significant studies by Princeton University and the Institute of HeartMath, an innovative research institution formed in 1991 to pioneer research and development of heart-based technologies, they found that it appears to be the heart-based emotion of the world’s population during such events as 911 that seems to be influencing the magnetic fields of the earth. What makes this discovery so significant is that those fields are now linked to everything from the stability of the climate to the peace between nations.”
“The relationship is clear. A change in the way we feel about ourselves and our world has the potential to affect the world itself. If the change is a positive one then the effect of the emotions that result should be positive as well.”
“Such change is known to create coherence between the heart and the brain, and it now appears that the effect extends into the field that support life on our planet. In the words of the HeartMath researchers, ‘regulating emotions is the next frontier in human evolution.’”

We are all one. Every breath we take, every tree we observe, every dog that barks and cat that meows, everything all shares the same energy. The ripple effect is significant, and every moment we take in raising our energy, believing in ourselves, loving one another, using our thoughts to emanate peace and cooperation, all of it lies under the same blanket of energy.

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