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I smile with my eyes, mouth, and heart

With gratitude to Kenneth Soares for this Guided meditation for energy cleanse, protection and self-healing.

With gratitude held in the palm of my hand, I feel the warmth of my heart. Following my guide Kenneth Soares, I smile with my eyes, smile with my mouth and smile with my heart. I walk into a golden light pyramid. I’m standing inside the pyramid amid a vibrant light of rainbow colors. I am in the hallway of purification. Slowly with mindfulness I put each foot forward and walk through the hallway trusting my whole being is cleansed in the rainbow colors of purification. As I walk, I know my soul purpose is to be present now.

I am in the middle of the pyramid and notice a golden light shining in from the Great Central Sun and I stand within the light. The energy surrounds my body as a spiral force cleanses my whole being. I breathe. I am holding a vessel in my hands and it is filled with a healing golden liquid light. I drink from the vessel and feel its warmth trickling down my throat into my being. The liquid light is healing. With my breath I allow the golden healing light into my whole being, my mind, my heart and my body. I feel the tingling vibration transforming and cleaning every part of my being. I sense movement around me as angels move in rhythm to the vibration clearing, clarifying and cleansing. I am safe. I am relaxed. I am one with the energy.

I am grounded in this healing. I welcome my wisdom. I am free and follow my heart’s guidance. I choose to listen to my heart. I choose to listen to my Higher Self. I breathe into the knowing I always find my way back to my wisdom.

I smile with my eyes, smile with my mouth and smile with my heart. I am relaxed. I breathe in peace. I breathe out joy. I feel the pulse and warmth of love inside and around me.

I feel the sensation in my feet as my awareness comes back to the now. I know my breath keeps me connected to my peace, like my heartbeat present and steady. My peace is in my mindful breath. My joy, my wisdom reside in my mindful breath.

I smile with my eyes, smile with my mouth and smile with my heart.

I was given a smile the other day From someone who passed me on their way. I wasn't sure what I should do. Perhaps, I'll leave it up to you. If I should keep it for myself, Put it on the kitchen shelf. Then it would be a certainty To bring some happiness to me. Somehow that doesn't feel just right For me to keep it in my sight When there were others who might need A waft of warmth, oh yes indeed. It doesn't take so very much, A cheerful smile, a gentle touch, To lift the cloud another bears, To help them feel somebody cares. There is one thing we all should know. A smile is like the candle's glow. No matter how many candles share That light, its fullness still is there. So when I go out on the street, No matter whom I chance to meet, If I share with them my precious smile, Do you think that will be worthwhile? For hopefully, they too, will understand That a smile is like a helping hand. I'm hoping that you will agree And someday share a smile with me.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • The smile poem and the meditation were beautiful. It reminded me of two things. How difficult it is now with masks, we can’t see each other’s smiles. And the other thing, years ago, I was counseling a young mentally-challenged teenager. I worked hard to establish a rapport with her. As a child, I was very serious; in all my childhood pictures, I didn’t smile. One week, I went in to see her and her mother said that she didn’t want me to come anymore. I was just devastated, I had worked so hard and I felt I had established a rapport. I asked why. The answer was that it was because I didn’t smile enough, and she took her cues from the smile. I changed after that. We worked it out, and it was a very valuable lesson.

  • Thank you, that was very powerful and timely for me. Yesterday, I spent contemplating. In the 12-step program, they say they’re not a ‘glum lot.’ I felt like I’m sitting in the glum parking lot. I couldn’t quite get out of it yesterday. This morning, my focus has been my face, to smile. How do I lighten it up? If I’m not paying attention, it goes glum. And I’m living in a place now where there are a lot of mirrors, and I see myself more. This was a recipe for me in how to internalize the smile and a practice I can use. So thank you.

  • What resonated with me was my purpose is to be present now. That’s a pretty simple purpose but it is hard to achieve. Later on, you said to be in your breath, and what’s in your breath is joy and wisdom. So that’s all rolled up—when I am present, I am cognizant of my breath. And within that is joy and wisdom, which goes into the smile, because of joy and smile—I’m happy with where I am right now, I’m accepting what is, I’m breathing, I know what’s going around me, I’m present to that. Once I do that, I’m there; whatever happens, happens. I don’t have to worry because I’m already there. Worrying happens in the future. I can be in a really pleasant place if I am just present. As if, that is easy.

  • I think you also talked about having peace in the breath. It’s such a key. No matter what is happening around me, to just be at peace, so that I’m not afraid of the future or obsessing about the past. That was such a beautiful guided meditation that you shared with us. It will stick with me all day. I felt I went into a deep place during the meditation. I felt like I got the benefit of 5 hours of sleep in the last 15 minutes.

  • I found both of the shares today replenishing for me. Especially now, after had expending all the energy I did in the last couple of weeks. I want to stay in the rainbow colors. I could feel the angels inside the pyramid. It was a reminder to me for self-care. The sweetest of the second reading around the smile. What I’ve come to understand, especially in the grocery stores with the masks on—is that we smile with our eyes as well—to spend extra time there with folks that are gathered. Thank you for the beauty of both shares today.

  • I was in a grocery store the other day and I was looking for a particular food. When I couldn’t find it, I started talking to a young man that worked there who was vegan like I am. We had a nice talk. I don’t push my beliefs on anyone else, but I told him about some organizations I like—Farm Sanctuary and the Animal Legal Defense Fund. He was excited to learn about them and wrote them down. It was nice, we made a connection, even with our masks on. The other thing—when I’m finally getting into bed at night or waking up in the morning—is seeing the smile on the cat. Animal lovers know the smile of our animals. It’s so sweet and honest and angelic. That’s peace to me.

  • I felt so bathed, like I took a bath, and was cleansed. You can take a salt bath and bathe your energy. With this guided meditation, I felt bathed and it was wonderful.

  • I encourage you all to check out the link to the guided meditation. It’s only 13 minutes and it’s like being bathed.

  • Thank you for listening to my sharing and partaking in the sweet silence and trusting yourself to hear your own guidance and to share with us. I hope you all have a gentle day. Enjoy your bath.

Photo credit: from Joao Nascimento

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