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"I am seeing that life is the coexistence of all opposites, including joy and sorrow." Life holds constant change, and it's so easy to forget change is forever abounding. This affirmation is a reminder of the ups and downs in our every day lives. Yet it seems there's such a movement to make everything pretty and perfect looking. I'm 65 years old, hard to believe. My physical body is changing. My energy body is changing too. I have learned to take the time to do stretching exercises to help my physical body function better on a daily basis. At the same time I have learned exercises for my energy body, and that really helps my whole being. Every morning I run through the steps of Donna Eden's five minute morning energy routine that helps my energy work at its optimum. It's a tool I use, along with many other tools to assist me in my day and night. You can find daily affirmations on

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