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The Power of Presence

This poem was shared with me and I feel it captures the essence of presence. We are persevering through this time often wavering between trust and fear. We are a community, and I believe even though we are a small community, we are demonstrating our willingness to hang together and trust this process. I believe in ripples, ripples of energy that flow from one person to another. The sacred presence we gather together and share is shared by all as we are all one.

Be, Don’t Seek

By Elizabeth Page Roberts 2008

“Be, don’t seek.

Sit warmly, open

lightness in your brow,

not questions.”

“Be ready for the quiet

when it comes,

and the creaking

of the house’s bones

and the wind’s music

playing the notes of the trees.”

“Be, don’t brood.

Don’t wait for life

to announce itself

in capitals

or high garb.”

“Be available to its whispers,

know how to listen

when it tells its true self

and not the lies

you’ve dreamt up.”

“Be able to breathe

and let go of your breath,

let go of life as you wish it to be

and take in the simplicity,

the facts –“

“This sky is.

This day is.

This sparrow is.”

“Be, don’t try.

Your weariness must have

shown you something by now.

Stay seated in your soul,

remember the sun is there,

truth and time are there.”

“Be, don’t seek.

You’ve already found.

You already have.

You already know.

You already are.”

Participants’ Reflections:

  • I feel contented surprisingly.

  • Productivity shame

  • Late husband's presence around me. Holding transition to death in contrast with awakening of earth

  • Easter a time for family; having this meditation family is nurturing

  • Tops of trees, pink blush now, glowing sunrise. To see it when in being state

  • This quieted world is a gift

  • Blessed with opportunity to change everything. Less pollution now. See racism more. End of cowboy capitalism?

  • Mentors are saying huge awakening

  • Accomplishments like taking out trash

  • Being state vs wanting state. Separated myself in meditation from wanting state and sat in being state

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