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"This Long Night"

Today’s reading reminds us to make room in our lives for our emotions, honor them and know they do not define us. We are all in this together as we breathe a collective breath, and now the Mother earth is holding us.


By Peter Morgan

“Now is the time

The time to let go

Of panicking about panicking.

To put down that self criticism

That you should somehow

Be better prepared,

Or more resilient.”

“In this shared messiness

That is this human existence,

Hold your head up.

Be here,

Just as you are.

You are enough.”

“The doubt,

The fear,

The panic,

The despair,

The pain,

The exhaustion,

The guilt or shame.

Lay them a place at the table

So that they might be heard.

Yet know you are not them,

And they not you.”

“Feel your feet.

Feel the ground.

Feel the ground through your feet

Feel grounded.

Let the weight on your shoulders flow down

Through your feet

And be held by the Earth.”

“Take one step at a time.

And tread lightly.


This, long, night.”

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Focused on feet on ground, feeling the groundedness

  • Brought teddy bear. Let go of needing protection as child. Breathed. Felt fairies. Only need to be open to possibilities

  • Receiving gift of recognition of truth of my experience. Appreciate the consistency of focusing on my truth which is hard to have as a single person living alone

  • Wife will start working with COVID patients. Adds level of tension. Frightening. Need to appreciate healthcare workers including lowest level of people working in hospitals. Hope society will change

  • First responders and caregivers are miracle workers

  • Had anger at first. We are challenged to help ourselves including techniques, meditating three times a day

  • Thank you for posting the reading, getting positive feedback

  • Dreading going to store. One long continuous night. Fear of bringing virus in

  • Don’t have comfort of government as nurturing patent. Triggers childhood lack of safety

  • Gov. Cuomo & Dr. Fauci are our surrogate dads

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