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Singing for the Dying

I spent the weekend singing at Rowe Camp and Conference Center. The workshop was "Singing for the Dying." It was a magnificent, heart-centered and meaningful experience. Singing to comfort and singing from a heart connection is a very powerful experience. The experience has brought me full circle to the subject of pursuing my life purpose, helping parents and caregivers feel comfort and support in their lives as they pursue the best possibilities for their children who are chronically-ill or differently abled. I want parents to know they are not alone.

OurCare was the support group I started back in 1996 in Western Massachusetts for parents and caregivers of chronically-ill children. This viable group ran for six years and ended when I was unable to continue due to my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. It's been 14 years and my new group is starting on May 25th. A lot has happened in these 14 years, but my desire has stayed the same, to offer a safe place to share, network and support parents and caregivers.

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