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By Shirley Riga


When wanting to focus within to feel the essence of spirit, imagine you’re sitting down to a sumptuous meal.  Before you even begin to eat, you’re smelling the food wafting up into your senses.  The food is rich in spices, warm and satisfying.  The meal is fulfilling your every need.  You breathe in and stay with the breath in imagining the smells like colors just floating like bubbles into your body.


Then you pick up your utensil and take a bite.  The flavor is deeply satisfying as the spices are a perfect combination.  Yet, you can taste a sweetness that catches your attention.  There it is again as you take another bite.  It is this sweetness that is the essence of spirit.  The meal is life. 


The next bite you take, focus on the sweetness.  Bring your attention close to it and breathe in the sweetness.  It almost becomes sweeter as you focus on it.  This is spirit.  Follow the sweetness and it will bring you closer into spirit.


Spirit is subtle, steady and true.  Follow the sweetness.  It is never strong in your face or demanding at your side.  Sit with the tendrils of sweetness and allow yourself to feel a warm calmness just slide over your shoulders.  This is spirit.  This is the true gift we each carry in us that we can focus on to create a more positive life, a more creative and loving life. 

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