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Shirley's article in the Spring 2019 issue of Spirit of Change Magazine.

Self-care comes in all styles from daily exercise routines to spa treatments and meditations. All too often the one major area for self-care that is overlooked is our inner chatterbox or monkey mind. You know, the part of us that is constantly giving us our private commentary. Is that monkey mind helping you or digging a big hole into your self-care?...

FTF garage door.JPG

The recent ice storm in Massachusetts has kept me inside for three days. I pace in front of the living room window staring at the shiny freezing ice covering my car and driveway. I’ll never get my car started. I’m going to break my hip slipping on the ice. I can hear negative feelings start crawling around in my brain, making me feel stuck and limited....

Shirley's recent blog - Stuck in an ice storm

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