What is Spiritual Psychic Mediumship?

Spiritual psychic mediumship is the ability to communicate with your loved ones in the spirit world. I am also able to communicate with your soul, your angels and guides.



I have been practicing mediumship for over 30 years.  

My guides have been with me throughout this lifetime. 


I am a spiritual teacher that has gained wisdom through life experience. I am certified as a Psychosynthesis Counselor that uses a variety of techniques to help one learn from their life experiences to gain access to personal growth and inner happiness. 

I continue to train and practice spiritual mediumship with teachers and guides helping me mature and embrace a deeper understanding of my mediumship abilities.


I am a meditation teacher and strongly believe silence holds the wisdom we seek.  The simple discipline of taking 15 minutes of silence per day can help us achieve a clearer understanding of what we want, who we are and where we want to aim our intention in a moment, in a year, in a lifetime.

Consulting a medium can help you understand your direction, life purpose and embrace your lifepath.  Communicating with your guide(s) can offer support and a deep inner knowing you're not alone.


Additional notes:


  • Spiritual mediumship is the ability communicate with loved ones, guides and other supportive beings beyond the veil that separates the two worlds . 

  • As a spiritual medium I am able to sit in the consciousness of love, communicate with guides, angels, higher selves and loved ones and act as the conduit.

  • Receiving a reading requires your desire to learn about yourself, reassure yourself of your loved one's well being, and find clarity for next steps in your life.

  • Receiving a healing in the pure state of love transmutes struggles, raises consciousness and allows change for your highest and best good. 

  • As you live through life's challenges and discover likes and dislikes, the essence of your purpose in this world helps you find inner peace.

  • None of us walk alone in this world. Connecting with your loved ones on the other side is soul affirming on this journey called life.

  • By understanding your spiritual support team you find clarity, and become a stronger participant in your life.

Shirley Riga, Spiritual Psychic Medium

For an hour reading, the cost is $75/hour

  • Available by appointment

  • One hour long

  • Available on Zoom or telephone

  • Prepayment required via Paypal, Venmo or personal check

To schedule a reading contact Shirley at shirleyriga@gmail.com

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