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What is a Soul Reading?

Every human has a purpose, though they may have no idea what it may be. As one lives through life's challenges and discovers likes and dislikes, the essence of their soul's purpose begins to dawn. Shirley helps people define their journey and guides people to more peace within. None of us walk alone in this world. By understanding one's spiritual support team and finding clarity, a person becomes a stronger participant in her or his life.

Soul Reading (30 or 60 minutes) A conversation with spirit. Find a focus for yourself as you live in this chaotic world. Get clarity about your journey. Also a chance to connect with loved ones.

Soul Circle - small group gathering facilitated to invite in spirit to address participants' concerns.

Spiritual Coaching (30 or 60 minutes) - helps you cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself

Workshops for small groups focused on overcoming limiting beliefs using tools and intuition

Soul Reading Services

To schedule a soul reading, circle, coaching, or workshop, contact Shirley.