Your Power is in the Present

Every morning I sit in silence, trusting I’ll be led to words I write or words already written. I’m reminded of the ebb and flow of breath, of energy, of seasons, of life. I challenge myself to the task of discerning what I am feeling and what I am picking up of the collective emotion during this pandemic. Sometimes this is palpably clear as tears flow down my face without knowledge of where they come from. Other times my heart pulses with pain of my own doing. I remember now without prompting I am empathic. I feel deeply and it’s okay. My inner struggle is over having folded it into acceptance of who I am. I remember now to ask myself what I need. I choose not to abandon myself in my struggle. I remember now to stand with proudness for my wounds and scars carrying useful lessons for my growth. I remember now to bring myself back to the present where I am safe.

A friend of mine shared this poem with me several years ago. When I originally read it, a deep stirring of truth rang through me.

The Goddess

by Mike Dakota

One night, wandering in the darkness,

near the edge of dreams,

a Goddess came, in a shower of light

and revealed her thoughts to me.

She said, “Does the sun need to see its own reflection

to know that it burns strong?

Do not be deceived,

by looking into others

for what they are accepting.

An image in a mirror

can only show something that has been.

“And you flower in the present,

not the future, not the past.

Your light grows dim and loses strength

shining forward or shining back.

“The power is in the present,

it’s the focal point of time.

So, concentrate the energy

now waiting

in your mind.”


  • I heard “I am a certain way and that's okay”. Being ourselves is okay, That’s our best selves. You spoke of seeing ourselves reflected. It’s good to be choosy about the people we are with, not with people that judge us. Better to get light from people. I am uniting with more people during this pandemic through this technology, my universe is expanding.

  • This was a good meditation. I feel sad. My friend lost 2 brothers in five days. She is family, and I can’t comfort her. It’s hard to know what to do. There was a funeral procession that she liked. It was so quick. During the meditation, I sent her love on my breath. I'm here for her.

  • We lean into each other.