You Are Worth the Inner Fight

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

When I care for someone who is in pain,

I want to take on their pain as if it were my own.

Absolve them of the grip it has

On their heart and release it into the wind.

As they share their sorrow, I enfold them

In arms as big as a house and

Surround them with enough space to

Spew out the fear and the struggle.

I pray they feel comfort

And rise with the release as

They find clarity and wisdom within

And trust they will survive.

I pray they understand this discomfort

Is part of the process of putting one foot

In front of another with shaking knees

as they find their way out of the mire.

It’s an initiation of sorts pushing

Through the fear and confusion

Fighting for oneself and discovering

They are worth every drop of sweat.

Like a salmon swimming upstream

against what seems like impossible odds

to find freedom, to find truth,

to find a heart soothed by their arrival.

It’s my job to love you and to

Hold you as you discover you are

Worth every teardrop and every fearful

Thought. You deserve the best.

You are worth the inner fight and

I know you will find You in this process

And I know you will be happy and I

Know you will find peace.