What We Have Here

I seek support once a month from a spiritual director, someone trained to deeply listen as I explore my joys and concerns. Spiritual direction is the practice of being with people as they deepen their relationship with themselves, with the divine. We have been meeting for over four years. It is a joy to be heard, to be respected.

I learned early on in my training as a spiritual director, the art of spiritual direction has existed for thousands of years. Now more and more people are seeking to become spiritual directors, deepen their connection to the divine to follow their deep desire to help in the coming tumultuous times. The tumultuous times are here.

Our meditation community has been meeting now for over nine months. Each of us brings our authentic self to the zoom screen in honor of silence and reflection. This is a powerful community based on truth, respect and love. We are on a journey of sorts. A mini incubator of life.

Each of us seeks support because we have been broken open by loss, pain, struggle and uneasiness. There has to be more in life than despair. We discover it beyond expectations. We discover it by getting to know ourselves.

It’s an old paradigm to seek pleasure and avoid pain. I learned to search for my happiness from the outside in instead of from the inside out. The beauty of daily silence is listening. We give ourselves the gift of being present to listen.

  • Meditation is contemplation.

  • Meditation is chanting.

  • Meditation is movement.

  • Meditation is emptying the mind which is very difficult to do.

  • Meditation is what we choose to do to ease our hearts into a space of respect, honesty and love.

  • Meditation invokes tears.

  • Meditation moves energy.

  • Meditation supports peace deep within.

  • Meditation changes as we grow.

  • Meditation is self-love.

Meditation is an anchor to hold onto as the world births itself out of the toxic predicament it is in. Humans living in the old paradigm demand expectations and when they can’t be found, turn to fear resulting in chaos and upheaval.

Mother Earth has wisdom beyond our understanding. In the practice of meditation, we hang on breathing with her as she labors through this profound change.

I believe we are nearing the critical point in labor where there’s more intensity and pain demanding focus and commitment to stay steady with our breath and true to our purpose. It feels almost like the last trimester – more cumbersome and more intense. The holidays are approaching which always hold tumultuous emotions and expectations on family and friends. The holidays trigger the inner child in every adult seeking what we once had or always wanted.

Our community is an anchor. I choose to hold on to this anchor by practicing self-care and deeply listening to what I feel and need and then provide it as best I can.

In the words of Matt Kahn, I offer up this prayer for true alignment to my highest and best good:

“May I hurt without hurting another
May I feel without projection