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Welcome Home

This is not goodbye. Today is about welcoming you home. You’ve climbed out of the cave and are atop the mountain.

It is said when one is facing the edge of a cliff, don’t look down, look out. Don’t look back, look forward. You have the will to stay steady, focused and ready to leap into life. When one learns to dance, they look out, not down. When one learns to walk, they look forward. When one learns to drive a car, they look towards the road ahead. When one learns to play with a toy, they look at the toy. When one eats, they look at the food.

Regrets are ego’s way of dancing with the past and limiting the journey to your heart. All based on fear.

We encourage you to identify who is talking the loudest inside. Your wisdom within always, always holds respect, kindness and eternal patience. Your Higher Self, your wisdom within never screams, never abandons you and never judges you. This Truth Center of your being has a subtle voice, sometimes whispers and never plays mind games. Only truth resides at your Center. This is the love of your life.

As seekers looking for inner peace, this journey is attended by another, and that is your ego. You may feel there are many attendants on your journey, others who have judged and wounded you. These others are the peripheral scatterings of situations outside of yourself. And these peripheral scatterings have taken home in your ego, doing everything possible to convince you these painful memories, painful actions are the truth and has the job to make sure they never occur again at all costs, in the name of fear.

It’s a simple, yet complex journey every truth seeker undertakes.

A baby holds only truth in its tiny body of light. The ego soaks up knowledge of self, relationships, objects, causes and effects, building a base all seeking one goal – to be loved, respected, included and supported on this journey called human life.

The baby also holds the gem of the soul, holding a steady, quiet presence as witness, awaiting and trusting the life journey will ultimately lead into the heart enhancing, embracing and rejoicing in remembering as a spirit in a human form, our journey endeavors to merge our ego with our soul to walk a full life embracing the reunion fully and completely.

Every human walks this path with their individual story, holding a different perspective, with free will to explore all in the name of this holy merger. Every human no matter their story, chooses their direction in their timeline, all working from the grace of the soul’s blueprint designed to enhance compassion and acceptance of the whole self.

There are times you forsake your inner light and choose a lower vibrational direction. There are times you remember your inner light and choose a higher vibrational direction. Every choice holds a nugget of wisdom all in the name of deepening your relationship to your inner Self. The inner I Am. Your Light within. Your Divine spark.

It is well with your soul for your soul holds wisdom though your egoic mind screams otherwise. You practice every day with your earthly tasks. So too you can practice every day enhancing your connection with your soul. Tools to enhance this connection have been laid at your feet. You simply pick each one up and believe you can.

We encourage you to practice with a mirror using the list below and say each line to yourself, and truly listen to your responses.

If negative thoughts come up, that is your scared ego. Welcome its voice as it only wants to be heard. Don’t give up. Would you walk away from a small, scared child asking for help? You never would. Imagine the small child in front of you and feel the adult within take charge to help. Feel the concern and turn its support within by looking into your eyes and feeling your attention. Practice this determination with yourself. Use a journal to record your thoughts and ideas in response to how your Higher Self can support you. Use your journal to tell your story of your concerns. Listen deeply to yourself as you would a lost child. Listen deeply to your heart. Take the time and use the patience you deserve. Your time has come. The opportunity is here. The choice is yours.

I see you

I hear you

I accept you as you are

This is a tough time

How can I support you?

I am here for you

You are not alone

Tell me more about it

Feel what you need to.

All in the name of love.

All in the name of truth.

All in the name of light.


Participants’ Reflections:

  • I see all of us, each of us as lights, floating in the world. May our lights continue to shine. As Shirley read what we will read to ourselves going forward, seven children poured into the playground in front of me. Their freshness in each moment always inspires me. Then, on the front end of our silence, came people walking their dogs. To me, dogs represent unconditional love. When the silence ended, this air was filled with giggles! Momentous visits this morning! Gratitude is flowing.

  • Thank you so much, Shirley. I can’t imagine the past sixteen months without morning meditation. It’s hard to imagine the next months without it. Heartfelt appreciation especially to Shirley and to everyone with all the wisdom and experience, and all the radiating love. Thank you.

  • As one of those lucky to be in this group since day one, I am so grateful to you. Since I’m on the water today, I came up with another metaphor. I’ve been either treading water or watching closely as you taught us the various swim strokes. Now I’m ready to swim. This comes at a wonderful time for me because I’m using the next two weeks to plan a radical transformation in my life going forward. You’ve given me the tools to do that and I’m eternally grateful. Thank you.

  • I just want to say I thank you all. I love you all. In your writings this morning when you talked about the whole self, that spoke to me in my meditation. The gifts that all of you gave and continue to do so embraces every experience we had during this pandemic, as well as our life journeys. I will be forever grateful. And Shirley, as our channel, as our river that brought us to each of these places inside of ourselves, we may have discovered these places. We’ve learned to be with them, embrace them and heal them. It has only strengthened the love force I have and I feel throughout this entire group. So, my heartfelt thank you. Let’s see what the next dawn brings to us. Love you all.

  • Thank you so much, Shirley and Thea, for all you have contributed. You both have been miraculous in our lives. I also had a water image and it came to me immediately when the reading finished. Sets of us in four or five were in the waves in the ocean. We are some distance out, and of course, as waves move toward the shore, they get taller. Each of us has grown in so many ways, taller and wider in our spiritual journey together. As the waves get taller, the waves have a white crest. I see four or five of our faces in each of the waves standing up. Then we begin to descend to the shore and we become foam that integrates with other clusters of foam with laughter and wisdom, an intermingling of all that we are and all that we give to each other. We’ve grown in this white crest that approaches the shore. Then we lie down to rest a while. This image is really precious to me, not a dying of that crest, but just a resting place so we can go back into the ocean of love. We are part of that ocean. Thank you everyone. This has been wonderful. It is the gift that will keep on giving. We just need to allow ourselves to open up to it.

  • Thank you. I want to share where I went on the meditation which was surprising for me, but wonderful. I went to my fairy world. I’ve held on to “I see you” when you shared those words. When I was in Ireland for a while, I connected with Shirley and it was the beginning of knowing you and being a part of this amazing community. It was delightful. I was dancing with the fairies in Ireland and also here in my fairy garden. I felt similar in terms of feeling all of you. I was feeling small and big at the same time; my dimensions kept changing. I was a fairy and I was dancing on the leaves and I saw all of us dancing on different leaves. I felt you as I took a walk and noticed the sunbeams on each leaf. That’s how I’m holding the community with me as we move forward, feeling all of you in my fairy world.

  • Thank you. I feel like the beauty of the language and the way people are able to articulate their experiences in this group is magical. I appreciate so much in this reflecting time, I experienced “I hear you” “I see you” and feel how those words deepened within me. I have to be reminded. It doesn’t flow for me much of the time. That’s been such a huge takeaway experience from my time here. I think it comes from the raw, honest, vulnerability and the fierceness which I think both Shirley and Thea approach life with, and your investment in growth and life for others. I do treasure softening into one’s vulnerability in a way I hadn’t. It’s a rich gift. There’s so much richness listening in my silence, in taking moments in silence with myself and other people. I’d like to sing a song for today that feels important to sing. It’s called May the Memory (it's from a memorial reading) “May the memory of good people bless our days. Bless, bless our days, bless our days. May this group bless our days, bless our days.” When I think of memory it doesn’t mean it’s totally over. It is the essence what we take from here. I wanted to sing this lyric.

  • It occurs to me the reason I’m not crying is partly because it’s not real to me yet and won’t be for several days. I was reminded this morning of a TV series entitled Sense8. The basic premise is there are eight people born all over the world at the same time and share the same consciousness. I think all of you in that way; we plug in from all over in Zoom. I had this image of literally being plugged in to all of you. We’ll be able to exchange and communicate whenever we want. One of my art teachers shared a phrase, “To live with exquisiteness.” I want to move forward connected to all of you, and somehow bring those gifts you’ve given me to commit to live with exquisiteness. We are all connected.

  • I was reminded of the love in this group that has kept this group going for 500 days, and when we doubt there is love in our lives, to remember, and to reach out when we need reminding. It’s always in our ability find support.

  • Thank you to all of you. I am a latecomer to this group. I know how sad I am right now and I can’t imagine how much sadder I would be if I had attended longer. Thank you so much for everything. I am trying to remember how I even found you all. I have no idea. I remember telling a few people in the beginning, I love this group; here’s the information if you want to join in. Nobody ever really said they were interested. Then I started to feel happy no one I knew from my area was in this group. I just realize somebody mentioned the word magic. That’s how I describe this experience in my own heart. It has been pure magic to me. Thank you for the magic! That is singing in my heart right now. I look forward to more magic in different forms. Thank you and I love you all.

  • Thank you so much. I have learned so much about myself, about the world, about how human beings can be strong and resilient and loving and all the good things. When I started this group, I was so anxious just needing everybody’s support. I’m so grateful for your support because I don’t know how I would have pulled through my life challenges. I don’t know if I would have gotten to this point. Now I feel like I’m deserving. I feel I have earned what is coming to me. I wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for everyone sharing so honestly. I love you all.

    • Shirley says: Thank you for demonstrating your resilience like so many others have; demonstrating it by showing your vulnerability because it’s hard to pick up one’s head and keep going when things are so difficult.

  • I’ve had the incredible blessing of meeting Shirley and Thea in person. Not only are they both so wise, they are just down to earth, gentle, kind, wise people. The essence of you both is comfort. I am truly blessed. Thank you for all you’ve done. The first time I learned about Attar, I connected deeply to the story of the birds. Words and phrases come in to my mind as reflections are shared, like the sanctuary in a backyard, and skating, and the yeast rolls. Every single person gifted me with little memories. They are big in my heart.

  • It was a beautiful channeled message for today. I’m going to miss you all, and I know we are all connected.

Shirley ended the reflections with reflections of her own:

This has been an incredible journey for me. I have learned so much about myself, about life, about trust, about fear, about the incredible magnificence of spirit’s presence and never-ending support, and how I turn away from the light and remember to turn back, building a resilience to patience and belief that I deserve to be heard. I deserve to be loved. I deserve to be treated with kindness. The more I practice that, the more present I am in my body. This love is not coming from others. It comes from within me. I am the love of my life. How so easily we are taught to find the love of our lives from outside, but the love of our life is in here. So I encourage each of you to remember that you are the love of your life. You deserve to be reminded so reach out if you need to be reminded. It’s okay. It’s not a failure. There is no failure. There is just another opportunity. It’s how we label it. So reach out for support, reach out for reminders, reach out for community and live with expectancy there is good to come. There is good to come, and yes, there are challenges and there is good to come. We ride the challenges with the belief there is magic within the challenges. They are always there. I love each and everyone of you. I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I’m looking forward to a time of recovery so I can hear clearer, so that I can see clearer and be clearer within. You haven’t seen the last of me. We will continue to stay in communication. I am going to post the words I shared today on my mirrors. We recorded my reading and it will be up on the website. If you need clarification or support, we are an email away. I thank each and every one of you for sharing your heart, sharing your time, sharing your vulnerability, sharing your fears, sharing your courage. This is how we go forth. Embrace yourself and create the ripple effect in your life to bless others. I love you all and we will see you again.

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