Every day I awaken with the challenge

To be present in every moment

To stay in my body, grounded in the now

My attention cued to my task at hand

Every day I forget the present moment

As my mind pulls me back to the past or

Jumps ahead to future problems and worries

And so the push and pull continue.

I do not fail in this flipflop world

I am a spiritual being influenced by a human mind

Learning to balance my attention within my soul

And my world outside

The flipflop dance is part of life

I am part of life

The key is in giving my heart permission

To wander because it always finds home.

I am at the door welcoming me back in

And I am at the door wishing me well

As I wander out again.

All is well.

Living in the present and savoring each moment.

by Patricia A. Fleming Live in the moment, Just take it all in. Pay attention to everything, Right there and right then. Don’t let your mind wander To what’s coming next. Cherish this moment And give it your best. Don’t let tomorrow Make you rush through today, Or too many great moments Will just go to waste. And the person you’re with, In that moment you share, Give them all of your focus; Be totally there. Laugh till it hurts, Let the tears drop. Fill up each moment With all that you’ve got. Don’t miss the details; The lesson is there. Don’t get complacent; Stay sharp and aware. It can take but a moment To change your life’s path. And once it ticks by, There is no going back. In just 60 seconds,