Waiting with Gentleness

I recognize the usual pattern

Of worry inside

Something is bugging me

And I haven’t discovered what

It has something to do with trust

In myself, in life

Deep trust

In my relationship with me

I am on a journey in my life

Of discovering my gifts

And owning them one by one

Opening the door and letting them in

I am the hardest on myself

Though I have befriended my

Judger transforming him

Into my protector

I have welcomed my gifts of insight

Intuition, senses and knowing

And still I stiffen to the thought

Of letting go

I have prayed for understanding

Always remembering

to couch the answer

In gentleness

And I wait recognizing

I have been at this crossroads

Before witnessing an unrest

Knowing some clarity is coming

I have great patience

I remind myself As I sit and wait

Like a favorite pet waiting for

The human’s next move

I remember gentleness

Is what’s called for

Asking for support