Voices are being heard

A day of remembrance

is better held

in the heart with love

instead of the mind with contempt.

Memories coveted in the heart

keep doors open, eyes alert

and a welcoming flavor of life as

we trudge on amid the struggling and strife.

There’s a deep healing going on

in this place called Earth, but before

we see the results of the healing,

the unearthing underbelly comes first

The unconscious collective is out of balance,

misaligned in shame with

the social sins gathered over

centuries in a mindless game

Voices have long been silenced

and generations taught

to turn an eye away

from the onslaught.

Times are changing

under our very feet.

Citizens are waking up

and choosing to speak.

In the name of all those humans,

men, women and child,

voices are being heard,

individual charges of light demanding right.

I follow the example of the trees

knowing their victory is held

in their steadfastness and courage,

weathering the painful unconscious actions.

Trees lose their loved ones

and in their plight, they reach

underground to each other to strengthen

their existence and continue their vigil.

Stand tall in your own skin