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Life Interrupted

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

We have held on tight

Eyes alert

Watching and listening

Since the beginning of the pandemic

Everyone is tired of the same ole

Compromising and placating

Tolerating and creating

Ways to deal with the questions

From the kids and the needs of our loved ones

We are adaptable us humans

We do what we must and push the envelope

We rebel and fuss and test and lapse

Into a space where we get used to the

Yellow tape around our routines of

What used to be and it’s hard

I want normal. I want life back to where it was.

I want every moment in a day to be an assumption

I want the freedom to come and go without risks

I want to relax knowing I won’t get sick

Except it’s not changing, yet.

Life is unpredictable right now.

It doesn’t help to look ahead.

There’s no guarantees of anything.

We are morphing into a new way of life.

And life is hard. We need advocates to help us

Maneuver through each day reminding us to be gentle

With ourselves. Tempers flare because of fear.

Impatience rises because of fear.

There is blaming and rage because of fear.

Look in the mirror to find your advocate.

There they are standing before you.

Soften your gaze and be with yourself

For a moment, enough to realize you are

Doing your best.

At times fears take hold.

At times rage takes hold.

At times despair takes hold.

At times joy takes hold.

At times inspiration lifts

You to great heights.

When you’re up in the great heights

Remember to look down from this bird’s eye view

And see the whole picture.

You are doing your best.

We learn from every experience,

Even when the experience isn’t pretty.

Take heed of your needs

And be your own advocate.

“There are long timelines of history, punctuated by significant interruptions. The “Except.” We are living in the Except.”
“There will come a time when we divide time into before coronavirus and after coronavirus, but right now we are living in the in-between. The life that we’re living now will later be considered an interruption.”
During the great Blitz, “Psychiatrists worried that the psychological trauma was going to be profound, that it would break citizens and there would be three times the mental casualties as the physical ones. But it didn’t happen. There were, of course, psychological effects from the Blitz, but people turned to each other and discovered a depth of resilience in themselves.”

Participants’ Reflections:

  • I had an incident happen over the weekend. I was upset about the behavior of people who were out of control and I blew up. I am getting counseling, cutting down on listening to the news. I was told to circle the wagons. You are my wagons.

  • I think it is important that we draw in. I use the metaphor of lighting a campfire and sitting with myself, with my loved ones in spirit.

  • I’ve been in similar situations. In the store, I’ve told someone to back up. My blood boiled. I have to pick and choose my battles. People don’t think about it. It doesn't feel safe out there. I am powerless. I feel like screaming. I’m not alone in this.

  • Important to have a bird’s eye view to watch around us. To notice the red flags that pop up and take action with our own needs.

  • That was a great reading. I’ve learned resilience from COVID. It’s not been easy. I’ve been in a sustained panic since February, first family problems, then COVID. Everything intensified then. It’s been a nightmare. I’ve survived. Mental health services are crucial. I'm learning resilience. I am proud for surviving this. Keep me in your thoughts today. I've learned that connections and spiritual contacts are keeping us sane.

  • These COVID times are tough. I’m doing what’s best for me, going only to the grocery store. I’m upset with a family member who took on a job and is exposing herself. She is at high risk. I can’t control it. Told her how I would feel if something happened to her. I can’t control her. I have to have faith. Focus on self.

  • Circumstances are complicated, we’re all doing the best we can.

  • We are centering our lives in community. This group gives a good grounding. Fear coming up is a force driving people. We have a spiritual driver and it spreads.

  • That's why the action of bringing ourselves back is the muscle we are building.

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