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Truth for Me

CNN recently published an article about after-death communication or ADC’s. With over 600,000 citizens lost due to Covid, an upsurge of communications from loved ones on the other side continue to be accounted for.

From CNN’s article, “These experiences can be subtle: relatives appearing in hyper-real dreams, a sudden whiff of fragrance worn by a departed loved one, or unusual behavior by animals. Other encounters are more dramatic: feeling a touch on your shoulder at night, hearing a sudden warning from a loved one, or seeing the full-bodied form of a recently departed relative appear at the foot of your bed.”

I’ve held psychic mediumship skills all my life and as I learn, the skills become clearer and I understand more.

“Like radio waves, spiritual information is constantly being broadcast around us, so it's really just a matter of learning how to tune in to it. To interpret what spirit is broadcasting, you'll be using your five senses just like you do in your day-to-day life. And just as you may feel that some of your senses are more reliable than others for making everyday judgments, you have senses, or clairs, that are stronger for connecting with spirit.” - Rebecca Rosen, Intuition 101: Developing Your Clairsenses

Much like the dog whistle that human ears can’t hear, higher vibrations are not sensed unless one learns how to sense them. In my case, I have held a rapt interest in higher vibration for decades and pursued more learning to open, understand and explore.

The clearer I am, the clearer I am. Each of us has the ability to feel, see, hear and know because we live in our human bodies. As we connect closer to our heart-consciousness, our senses grow and expand as we experience the subtlety of energy.

Fear, darkness and the ogres of light are all manifestations of fear. Fear is a human quality. In over 40 years working with Spirit, I have never experienced the darkness that presses into my human space in this world. The choice is either love or fear in every situation.

The ascension we are living in is thinning the veil. We really are never alone. Our loved ones are around us. Their hearts continue to grow on the other side as they undergo life review, learn from their guides and helpers and embrace their soul’s lessons. Their job continues with interests they pursued here and at the same time they are aware of our lives as we continue on this side. They hold love for us. They cheer for us. They grieve with us. They are present for us.

Imagine the deep need for a loved one to let us know they are okay to those they left behind. There are crowds of them and they take every opportunity they can to communicate through those of us who can hear them. It brings them comfort and peace as they maneuver in their new world. It brings comfort and peace to us humans.

We hold immense wisdom. We are spiritual beings in human bodies living through an historical ascension on this Earth. We are being asked to believe beyond our minds’ limits and embrace the help offered by our ancestors, our guides and angels, the elemental energies of spirit animals and plants and all beings of light.

While sitting in silence, allow yourself a moment to believe you are not alone. Your loved ones are here with you. You are surrounded by your guides and your angels hover for your next command. They are here for you. The gateway to their presence is through your imagination and the power of belief.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Thank you so much. That was a good article and so much to think about. During the meditation, I tried to connect. I know it’s not about trying, but about listening. Approaching it with expectancy. At times, I do get a glimpse of all this. Thank you for sharing the article.

  • This morning I told people I was sleeping late but it’s not an honest answer. A voice told me to show up here today. About a year ago, a medium gave me a reading and I asked for more. She said I don’t usually give another reading right away. She said take time and ask yourself. But my little girl was annoyed. I saw an ad for a course and I took it, and I’ve been learning how to be a medium. I was scared to say it here. It’s interesting it’s the topic today. I was wondering when was it appropriate to tell this story. Sometimes a ‘no’ will spring us into a direction we are meant to go in. Look for the gift in the ‘nos’. I am giving 7-8 readings a week now and I am amazed at myself at what is across that veil. I can bring in other people. During the meditation, I faced my challenge of not being able to see who is behind me. I think I’m afraid of knowing who is here. It’s my codependency. Thank you.

  • Owning my power is my biggest challenge. Because all of us are magnificent. If we got a glimpse of the hugeness of who we are and our light and our energy and our love, it’s overwhelming. So our process is part of the journey. It’s hard. I’ve been doing this over 40 years, and only a year ago, I started owning it because I would go in it and deny it. Round and round. Thank you for sharing.

  • I’ve been interested in getting readings from across the veil because I’ve felt different presences at different times. For me, the struggle is the self-confidence. I’ve been told by my mentor that I can do this. I struggle with whether it’s my imagination or is it real. I’m trying to let that go. This is encouraging. The other night, I was reading and all of a sudden, the light blinked on and off. I couldn’t figure out a physical reason for it. Then I thought, it’s a communication, pay attention. But I couldn’t get anything. I think I was blocking. You have to want to do it and be open to it. This discussion today is giving me encouragement.

  • I was delighted my grandmother came through during the meditation. She had a huge impact on my soul and her message for me today is that she is aware of the struggle I am having after the pandemic and how what I am doing will transform a lot of people. She was telling me that what’s happening now is like how they came out of the Great Depression. She said I had to take it in small steps, one small chunk at a time. Things are still unfolding and finding their way, to go with the new energy and trust that everything will be aligning as I align. I could feel the energy of the challenge they had at that time and the struggle they had. She was letting me feel the energy and have faith that this will all work out. I thank you and my grandmother.

  • That was timely today. I picked up my husband’s ashes and it was a bit emotional.

  • Your husband is closer to you and it’s not about the ashes; it’s that your awareness is piqued, and you are feeling the love and the loss. So just know he is around. And ask for signs and be aware and believe what you see and hear.

  • The first thing that hit me like a ton of bricks as you were reading was words from scripture—'greater things will you do than I have done’. As a child, I felt Jesus walking by my side. To think that all that went before and all who are presently in our lives— we have them with us. when we let our imaginations become possibly reality, that’s when we can cross the veil.

  • And when someone wonders what is imagination and what is real, what we believe is real is really not real because our imagination holds what we call real. It’s a flipping thing. Because the world we live in is all made up of energy, but my mind is convinced what is real is what I can see. It’s taking the mind and shaking it up a bit, and the ego doesn’t like that. Just doing what I did today is yet another coming out for me because I am owning my power and owning what I hear instead of hearing it and saying ‘no, I’m going to talk about something else.’ It’s a genuine journey.

  • Today is the last day of the Donna Eden's 4-day Energy Healing Challenge. It's on Learning Energetic Self-Protection. I learned a good way to protect myself from other people.

  • When I started studying Buddhism, I wanted to take on Buddhist living. It’s all okay to want to be like someone who has brought peace to the world no matter who it is.

  • At the Center for Spiritual Living in Costa Mesa, California, they had pictures of Jesus, Martin Luther King, and John Lennon. Because these people made significant changes of the heart.

  • Thank you. Since my dad passed away, he has come to me in many ways. Like through a set of sun chimes. They aren’t supposed to make a noise when the sun isn’t shining on the panel, but they started to after my dad died. They called him Sunny all his life. The chimes speak to me. He chimes in on my thoughts, but sometimes I’m not sure if he is agreeing or disagreeing. I like that you said ‘believe what you see’ because I too get the big doubt. Thank you, it’s giving me the courage to believe.

  • Thank you. When my 9-month-old granddaughter comes to visit, she grabs the chimes in our yard and can get the chimes going. Her face turns up and it’s as if she is seeing a chorus of angels around it.

  • Thank you for staying present and sharing and trusting because it’s a process. It continues. It is layers. If I follow my heart, no matter what it is, if it’s my truth, it’s my truth. And if it’s your truth, it’s your truth. It’s a practice of learning to believe in what we see, feel, hear, know, step by step. It’s wonderful to be able to share that with this community. I hope you all have a gentle day.

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