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Council Message

Gateway at a sacred church in Ireland

This trance speaking demo was done May 21, 2020. Trance speaking is done in an altered state allowing communication from the spirit world. The Council, as described to Shirley, is a collection of light beings. Shirley has been demonstrating trance speaking since the 1990s.


Welcome friends. Welcome to this circle of sharing energy, sharing the essence of what exists beyond the world you see. Do not be fooled by the three-dimensional world for there is so much more. And as this world shifts its axis, its energy, its essence, so too shifts consciousness - consciousness into dimensions that are revealing themselves through the unveiling of what is happening on this earth as we speak.

There has been millennial of time where there has been questioning of existence, denial of existence and absolute unknowing of the existence of the world of the unseen, and as we shift into a greater awareness that is happening as beings on this earth peel away their lack of understanding, so too will be emerging of the world of spirit as it is closer than you realize. As you live your daily lives, so too spirit lives. There are those on this earth, many in this room, who are aware of the lightwork they do, who are aware of the peeling of their heart-centered consciousness that is aligning them in communication with the spirit world.

It is in existence right alongside you, and as you use your heart to feel, as you use your mind to think, as you use your mouth to speak, communication is heard. Many lightworkers are moving through growth within their energies that allows them to be bridges to create communication. As the lightworkers continue this progression moving into a clearer understanding, clearer image, clearer knowing, so too will they become active in their passing along the knowledge that the spirit world is here to help in this great transition that is at hand.

Be mindful to know that as fears arise, so too arises the wealth of love. Every lightworker is building a stronger bridge so when their opportunity arises to speak the truth that they see, feel, hear and know, they will move the ascension of the light towards a tipping point. It is important as you lightworkers in this room progress towards this knowing, that you walk this path being human and being light. Each of you has chosen this role well before you birthed into this world. Let that knowing help you stand up straighter in your role as a light worker. Follow steps that come before you, ask for guidance. Get to know your guides. Welcome your angels. Call in the very beings that you know exist that you have within you that sometimes you may doubt, but please know, they are very real.

And when doubts arise, know that as fear speaks, it is of the humanness that has fear. For when you touch into the realms of the light, as you feel within the space, there is only love. A pulsating, grandeur of magnificent love that penetrates every cell of a light body. As you sit within the essence of this love, know it transmutes doubt, transmutes fear, transmutes discomfort. I urge you to close your eyes and with the breath of your humanness, breathe in love. Allow yourself to know that as you expand your light being with your breath, with your belief, it expands your light; it expands your beauty; it expands the essence of your being. For as we step into this fifth dimension that we are moving into, it allows you to step in in your humanness with your spiritual being. Both your bodies merge into this new world.

We ask you for patience as your light body moves into energies that your human body is uncomfortable with. Ask for help. Seek out your guide. Open to angels. Open to loved ones that you have on this side that are non-embodied here to help you. Call them by name. Seek out your guide. Panels of light beings are with you. Do not worry with the idea that you need a name for as you sit in silence creating beauty around you using nature, inspiration, love of self, love of others, your guides come close. Pay attention to the subtlety of what you hear with your human ears, what you hear with your spiritual being using every sense in what you see, what you feel and what you know.

Pay attention to the subtleties. Therein lies the spirit world, unassuming, gentle, ever present, surrounding you with a love that is greater than your brain can imagine. Greater than anything that you have experienced with your human body. Greater than the expansiveness of your being. As you sit in silence, be patient with your humanness. Be patient with your questions. And know that the door is open and ready for you. Know that as you as a human step inside the spirit side, visit for a moment. Step in and step out. Put no demands on what you think is expected because you as the human are not in charge.

The essence of your soul that is joined with your spirit side has the plan that you agreed to. Just as the exercise that is often practiced on this earth plane on building trust where one human stands behind another and directs the one in front to let go because they will be caught and held. So too is your spirit side waiting with open arms for you to lean into. Use your imagination. Feel the strength of your spirit behind you. Feel the warmth of the embodiment of who you are in spirit encasing you, holding you. Use your imagination. Let yourself freely feel this, and know as you get closer to the solidness of the spirit body, your humanness may feel fear and start the chatter and the doubting as your mind attempts to figure out what is happening, because the mind is threatened and doesn’t want to let go. It is okay.

Every being on this earth has a spirit being with them. They walk on this earth in a duality. Many don’t even acknowledge the presence of their spirit being and that is okay. It is where they are in the moment. Their spirit being is immersed with love, patience, understanding, compassion, as they hold their humanness with them.

Others experiment in believing their spirit being is with them, and as this medium says, flip flops between the spirit being and humanness. All is well. And there are those that are able to be more at ease within the expansiveness of leaning into their spirit being. Every stage within this process is welcomed. Every stage is filled with compassion. This is a journey no matter who the human is on this earth.

There are times that much compassion is required in the unveiling of the dimensions that are changing on this earth. The spirit world has a great sense of humor and often enjoys the antics of the hoops that humans jump through as they learn the essence of who they are. We encourage you in your humanness to find the humor and to remember the duality.

We want to encourage you to know without a doubt what inspires you, what pleases you in nature, what you can imagine within your visioning. All that is held within your magical world are tools for you to connect to your spirit being. Be patient with your humanness. Hold compassion for your impatience.

On the subject of creativity, we would like you to imagine when you are using creativity, know that your spirit being is 100% with you as you create, whether with your hands, your voice, your mind, however it is created. It is fun to see visions of these creations.

If we were to illustrate such an image, the blurriness next to the human is the spirit being, and as you get closer, the blurriness clears. We encourage those of you who can create visions of spirit in your human world to play with the idea of illustrating this duality. It will help in passing on the word of the world we are entering into.


How do I call my guides if I haven’t met them? I don’t have a clear sense; how do I call you?


Excellent question. We encourage you first to let go of knowing a name, for as you befriend a loved one that you may not know, you get to know them within your heart. We encourage you to sit in silence with the intention of meeting your guide. It’s very easy for the human mind to step in and start trying to figure out what is seen and what is heard. We would ask you at that point to repeat your intention to meet your guide, and as you practice this intention sitting in silence, feel any tingling or essence of a smile or essence of a knowing and just be aware of that presence. As you sit with this intention of learning who your guide is, your spirit being is using the energy of your light body along with your human body. It is a recalibration of a sort. It takes time and patience. There is no failing.

We would encourage you as you are visiting with your guide, imagine knowing your guide is there but your lens is turned off for the moment so you can’t see. Use the senses of your human body and your spirit body to sense a loving being that has been with you since the beginning of your days on this earth. For as you live and breathe through your experiences on this earth, and often times in deep emotional pain, you can easily imagine yourself curled up in a fetal position lying on your bed. We want you to open up the door and allow your guide holding you in a deep compassionate embrace. Sink into the feeling of being held. As you build this image of trust, you will come closer to your guide. Allow yourself to believe you deserve the magnificence of this image.

When you hold painful memories of the past, this is also a very useful exercise to rewrite the memory by bringing in your guide to hold you in this embrace.


Thank you, Spirit. You spoke about a new energy coming and a change coming, and I was wondering if you could let the participants tonight know what they can do to prepare for this change, anything that might be needed of them. Thank you.


As a human on this earth, there is great discomfort with all that is happening in the upheaval of what has been assumed to be reality. Discomfort rises in the world around us. Discomfort arises within our beings, whether it be things that emotionally upset you, things that are disturbing your human body, challenges within your physical sense. Each one of these issues is the whole being of who you are, spirit and human, manifesting itself into a change. So, we ask you to pay attention. If you are uncomfortable, find what creates comfort for you that is not of the human body so to speak. Let us make ourselves clearer.

We are not speaking about feeling discomfort as a human and then looking to find comfort by using alcohol to subside the discomfort. We are asking you to pay attention to what it is that is causing this dis-ease within you, within your psyche, within your body, within your heart. If it is wanting something that you are holding yourself back from, please move ahead with it.

Move into making changes that bring up deep happiness within you. Make changes that will create inspiration so that you feel the goose bumps and the knowing that something feels very good. That accelerates you along the path; surrounding yourself with inspiration moves you along your path.

We also encourage silence to get to know yourself, to get to know the deep inner being of who you are, and if that is a challenge, it is most important to use the tools to help you be patient with yourself. All of these things help in moving forward and assists with the process of your ascension into developing your connection with your spirit being.

Please be assured that your mind cannot figure out how to connect to your heart. It is your heart that responds to the plea of your mind. Follow your gut. Follow the essence of your energy and be led to the inspiration that you seek. It is a pathway that is lit for you. There are techniques, resources, teachers that help clear the energy chakras within your human body to help you connect more to your spirit body. There are many, many modes of healing to help with the energy body.

We encourage you to practice patience in this process because as your mind clicks into the steps to move your human body on the road, it is your mind that is then engaging and disconnecting from your heart. It is the connection within your heart and your energy centers that will be your guide. Be true to yourself. Be honest with yourself. Speak your needs in order to achieve the truth and honesty within. Find compassion for yourself so you can give to yourself what you need. Become your own advocate in seeking the essence of your spiritual body with your human body.


Thank you so much for this opportunity. I would love some insight on how to be patience with my humanness especially during this time.


Very good. Let us talk in the sense of energy for a moment. When we have on one side a runaway train that speeds up and slows down, it is going on its own course, on its own action based on thoughts, feelings, fears. The mind clicks in trying to figure out, problem solve. Then take the essence of the heart knowing we are aligned with a feeling of rightness and we are feeling this sense of calm connectedness. It doesn’t have to be with a specific guide or an angel. It can be with nature or a tree you’re leaning against or the air you smell. That is a truth. This heart energy is truth, but it’s so hard to grasp because it’s not loud and demanding and forceful and screaming for attention. It’s much easier to pay attention to the loud, very noisy, very fast, very demanding energy of a runaway train instead of the steady, quiet presence of spirit.

We are at the doorway of both sides, and we’ve had a lot of practice paying attention to the runaway train. If we practice paying attention to the soft, subtle compassion of the heart, the more we practice, the more the gate opens. The more the gate opens, the noise of the distracting human world is there, but it’s less of a presence. It’s not a reality.

The first step is believing the heart is real. When one reflects on the most important truth of one’s life, love is the answer. Love is the essence of truth. The power of love far surpasses anything else, but it’s so easy to be distracted. We encourage you to think about this gateway. We encourage you to understand that a distraction is a distraction. How horrible often times and how screamingly apparent a distraction is attempting to convince the world of its truth, remember every screaming being on this side has a spirit being with them. They can’t hear it but it’s there.

We are ascending at a very fast pace in this world and this change is happening to every being on this earth. There is no doubt. And for those who are not paying attention and not connecting with their heart, they scream louder; they scream stronger. It is heart-wrenching. We ask you to bring in the picture of their spirit body with them, and as you feel their pain, give them a blessing. Speak upon them even to yourself, I bless you with the knowledge you are surrounded with spirit in love, and may you find this essence to give you peace.

Find a blessing that you can invoke right then and there in the pain you’re feeling and let it go. Say it. Write it down. Say it. Use it as a remedy so you can stay in this gateway, observe the pain and know the truth.

My time with you is over for now. Let me say the immense gratitude of our ability to be able to express the knowledge, the demonstration, the truth of what it is each of you are moving into. We encourage you to continue on this path opening up to your lightwork. Spirit world is here for you. In the name of all that is love and light, blessings on you.

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