Training with Kindness

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

All I could do was laugh yesterday,

A day full of chaos

and yet it ticked away

like a normal day

I am one

in a universal movement

With growing awareness

in a sea of consciousness

my old self would feel lost

amid the rocky goings-on

with fingers pointing at me

if something went wrong.

Silence has given me

A gift of awareness

From which I observe

Me in space.

I am a child who spills the milk

Looking to the parent for a reaction

And there is no reaction but

Simple compassion

My silence is gentle, loving awareness

That holds the door open

to explore my walls of perception

gaining new understanding every day

For I am more, always more

Beyond what my mind conjures

And as I experience my silence

I expand beyond my ideas and beliefs.

There are hiccups

And glitches that come and go

Like immovable blocks

That pop up and intrude.

Every moment I encounter

These moguls in life, choices