The Wonders of Vision

Sometimes I want to close my eyes

To the hurt and pain

To the disrespect

And the distraction

Sometimes I want to look through other’s eyes

And see the world from their perspective

Finding newness and joy

As they explore

Sometimes I want to close out the beauty

To the colors and light

To the joy and brevity

To the good

Especially when my pain

inside is louder than

the beauty outside

all I can see is the darkness

Sometimes filters of fear

cover the windows of my soul

and I’m unable to see truth

blinding my clarity

Sometimes when I am in public

I avoid others’ eyes for the

windows to their souls

hold the stories of their heart

Sometimes I close my eyes

And explore my inside world

Feeling relief and restoration

As I see my soul

Our eyes are truly the windows to our soul

No matter the images seen

For our fears create the opportunities

and our hearts create the learning

Sometimes I breathe my eyes into softness

And see the auras shining around everything

Feeling the wonder of the world

And the brilliance of auric light

I’ve learned to see without seeing

And as I open my heart, clarity comes

It takes courage to see truth

It takes patience to listen.

Our eyes hold vision inside and out

Our eyelids hold our choice to engage

All guided by love or fear

All present for discerning and learning

We follow our heart and trust our gut

We can do the same with our eyes

To truly see the full picture

Using our inside and outside vision

We learn to perceive the truth we see

By using our hearts as a guide

Blinking in and out of love and fear

Eyelids are the choice points


By Shirley Riga

Flaps of skin

Window covers

Closes so we don’t see

Closes so we deny truth

Closes to rejuvenate

Closes windows to our soul

Open light

Opens courage to see

Opens our windows to the world

Bears our soul

Respite with slow blink