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The Intention of a Glance

While saying goodbye

to my granddaughter yesterday

She was lamenting with a pout

How she was missing hugs and kisses

Her pout demonstrated its sentiment

I said let’s look into each other’s eyes

And feel a hug while we

Wrap our arms around ourselves

Her reaction was juxtaposed

Between wisdom and child

Carrying through with the task

And then looking down confused

I grabbed the moment

When our eyes locked

Hers so blue and bright

And mine darkness intent

I instantly felt the familiar lifting

Of my heart

It was like a truth deep within

Between us.

She joined me with her intention

And we met in the middle

So connected by the glance

Yet separated by the physical

It occurred to me

How easy it is to miss

The subtle energy of love

And the power of bliss

It’s like air folded gently in

To angel food cake batter

that cannot be mixed in haste

but with patience and intent

Less was more in this moment

Time slowed in expression

Our intention was just a glance

With a solid connection

An intentional glance

Can be filled with delight

An intentional glance

Can be laced with spite

The power of our eyes

Is really beyond measure

It’s the intention we grasp

That holds pain or pleasure


• There were many problems with the Internet and people couldn’t get onto the zoom today and it was frustrating. During the meditation, I held a space for calmness and connection. I chose to not be in fear.

• I was touched by what you said to your granddaughter. It was a lovely option to the pandemic. I haven’t been able to see my grandchildren. I want to make it happen. I pray and let it go

• Look at their pictures, send them love. And believe they feel your love.

• I had dream of a person who said they wanted to give me a hug. They climbed over all these chairs to give me the hug. It felt good but strange

• We can start a day over if it doesn’t start right.

• A thing I think is incredible is that we have this 24-hour day, and every day is a new day. We can stop during the day and start all over again. In a self-development course, the leader shared the Christmas Carol, which is a story where Scrooge has a transformation. The take-away from this story is just because you've done things in the past one way, doesn't mean you have to continue doing things that way. We can be transformed.

• Sometimes when a day is not going well, I just get back into bed and restart day. I don’t judge myself. I reset with a bath or a nap.

• As a bus driver, I am taught that if the bus isn’t working, restart it. Reboot. Like a computer.

• I get out of bed as soon as I think negative thoughts.

• I used to be the type of person who, if upset, I would hang onto it. Meditation has taught me to let things go: to reset, to accept, not worry about things out of my control, not take on stuff that is not mine. This past Friday started with a big frustration. I was upset and called my boss and told her. By the time, my boss called back with a solution an hour later, I had forgotten about it. I couldn’t even remember what it was about. That is thank you to meditation.

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