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Surrendering Locally and Globally


By Shirley Riga

It’s been over 15 weeks

Of living in a strange world

Adjusting and adapting

Shifting goals and

Realigning tasks

I have accepted

The changes in my world

Globally and locally

Impact and impress me

With sadness and anger

fear and joy

I surrender to circumstances

As I prepare for this week,

I turn towards acceptance

And think of angels

I put one at every task

At my ride in the car

Ahead of me for parking

At the receptionist’s desk

In the waiting room

The surgical suite

In every corner of where I will be

An angel stands ready

Clearing, Supporting, steady

If I forget to remember

An angel is on my tongue

If I lose sight of my focus

An angel touches my nose

I’m calling all angels

To support me

In this present challenge

Of acceptance


“My efforts now turn

from trying to outrun suffering

to accepting love wherever

I can find it.

Stripped of causes and plans

and things to strive for,

I have discovered everything

I could need or ask for

is right here—

in flawed abundance.

We cannot eliminate hunger,

but we can feed each other.

We cannot eliminate loneliness,

but we can hold each other.

We cannot eliminate pain,

but we can live a life

of compassion…

There is nothing to do

and nowhere to go.

Accepting this,

we can do everything

and go anywhere.”

Participants’ Reflections:

  • I loved the image of angels everywhere. This is good to keep in mind even for less challenging situations. And angels don’t get viruses.

  • I've done a similar thing, where I ask god to be with the doctor, with a worker, to find parking spaces. It amazes me and it always works. I have a vision of you wrapped safely in blanket.

  • When I had surgery, my meditation music was plugged into their sound system so that not only did I hear it, so did the medical staff. I loved Mark Nepo’s reading. It reminds me of Jean Shinoda Bolen and the women’s circles. When the millionth circle happens, it is a tipping point. Like the hundredth monkey. Like in Horton Hears a Who, “we are here, we are here”. I keep that in mind when I don’t want to go somewhere. Bolen wrote Goddesses in Every Woman and The Millionth Circle. Could register circles.

  • Anything is possible. You are being supported in love. We call it bookending it: getting support and love before the event and then the sharing afterwards. I will be holding you in prayer and love during this week as you have this procedure.

  • People have said one can be closer to one’s chosen family than their biological one. I am feeling closer to my virtual family here. Thich Nhat Hanh has said something about we are all one and we can’t get away. Don’t even think of getting away.

  • For music, I'll listen to Kenneth Soares, he creates affirmations with music

  • Know you will be in our hearts and minds

  • I feel it. Because this space is virtual, and filled with energy and words, I’m not distracted and I can feel it.

  • In yesterday’s meditation, I had energy burst through my feet after they’ve been closed energetically for at least two years. The feeling stayed all day, and I was less wobbly. It’s amazing.

  • I am reminded of the words of a song we sing, “we’re sending you light to heal you and hold you.” The music is from Womansong of Asheville

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