Surrendering Locally and Globally


By Shirley Riga

It’s been over 15 weeks

Of living in a strange world

Adjusting and adapting

Shifting goals and

Realigning tasks

I have accepted

The changes in my world

Globally and locally

Impact and impress me

With sadness and anger

fear and joy

I surrender to circumstances

As I prepare for this week,

I turn towards acceptance

And think of angels

I put one at every task

At my ride in the car

Ahead of me for parking

At the receptionist’s desk

In the waiting room

The surgical suite

In every corner of where I will be

An angel stands ready

Clearing, Supporting, steady

If I forget to remember

An angel is on my tongue

If I lose sight of my focus

An angel touches my nose

I’m calling all angels

To support me

In this present challenge