Steadiness vs Resistance

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

I enjoy my routines

The things I do day after day

That give me peace

Grant me space to be.

My routines allow me to travel

To that mountain top

Where I can observe my thoughts

Ponder my actions and just be.

I have quieted my inner judge

Though she is still there.

She’s observing and ready to

Remind me when I am off center.

When I first identified her,

She looked like a he and was huge,

Stern, arms crossed and imposing.

I was surprised by her presence.

Now I’ve come to know she is

There to help me be safe.

I call on her when I’m afraid

And with a breath she rises up

And stands in front of me

With a menacing stare and solid feel.

I am remembering to call for her

When I am lost and falling.

The black holes are familiar to me now.

My negative thoughts remind me of the

Pathways that lead me into a place of

Fear and worry.

My sore fingers are from

my frenzied habit of picking because

I am uneasy, unhooked from my center

And looking for my base.

I recognize my overeating is

Really when I’m crying inside