Updated: Oct 18, 2020

I’m sprouting.

Something I’ve wanted to do for a while

Taking hard lentils and watch them

Come alive with life.

I did my research and created my intention

Emptied the hard disks into a jar

As they pinged and bounced

like marbles sinking into water

I trusted their reaction

As they sat in water for 24 hours

I invited them to change

And they listened

Sprouting requires daily monitoring,

Rinsing and trusting

Sometimes a need to shake

To encourage them to grow

Within 48 hours I have a

Jar full of squiggles and balls

Chewable and tasty

Ready for a recipe

I can feel like a bag of beans

Unchanging, dry and stuck

In complacency until I am

Shaken and get a good drink

Sometimes it’s self-care

Sometimes it’s another’s urging

Sometimes I hit a wall

Sometimes it’s from purging

The sprouting time of a human

Takes longer than a bean

It’s taken years for me to

Realize the patience I need

I wonder if a lentil uses patience to wait

For the blooming of the life it creates

From the attention of gave it by just adding water

And waiting in trust in its becoming.


By Christine Evangelou

You will move through life,

Through the mistakes,

The failures and the falls,

The judgements and the seeping wounds.

You will move through life,

In the most astounding way,

And find greatness in your grief,

That often stole your heart away.

Keep walking through,

For so blessed are your feet,

That flow with the touch of Angels,

Beneath the surface of what you see,

You are protected sweetheart,

Shielded by love,

There is nothing you cannot work through,

Nothing you cannot overcome

Participants’ Reflections

  • I loved the lentils description and the work they do. I recently learned about short-lived perennials. Insects and animals have figured out how to exist. Humans are still trying to figure it out and learn how to exist in peace.

  • Thank you for the metaphor of sprouting. I am doing more outdoor work by necessity. It feels good being outside. I’ve discovered some burning bush plants in my yard. It is a beautifully-artistic plant which glows in the autumn light. I am focusing on plants when my daughter is not around and enjoying the time.

  • In the meditation yesterday, we spoke about finding joy in the day. We went on an outing, first time in three months, and spent the day in joy by the ocean, watching the birds and water and boats. Grateful for this group and I keep the reflections in my mind all day.

  • I have a lot of patience but it takes energy. I wish I had it for myself. But where’s the dividing line between patience with myself and being a slacker?