Spirit House

Updated: Jul 5

I stand in a new paradigm.

I stand on a new Earth.

Whose rules do I live by now?

What is it all worth?

I have run from myself all my life

for fear I would let me down

since I wasn’t in charge of me

I didn’t know how to be found.

Through loss and pain

I had to stop and look

for the fixer to make me happy

I was told I would find.

It’s me I say to myself, take a closer look

but I couldn’t see who was there.

I couldn’t see beyond the

shadow at my door

After divorce

After loss

After illness

After storms

My shadow is still standing

at the door patiently

waiting to be recognized

no matter how long she takes.

Why am I here I wonder?

What’s the point?

I wait for the next shoe to drop

waiting, always waiting.

Looking outside has been a habit

I’ve practiced for years

looking for answers to

my questions and fears

Always disappointed by

nobody at my door