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Smelling Life

With a light wind at my back, I hear the whisper of movement above me. The smell of balsam is everywhere. I feel the spongy bed beneath me as I stand among the pines. A dense gathering of tall ones surrounding me with their proud heads in the air. I am gently swaying with them as they dance with the light wind. I breathe in and allow the scent to bathe me in comfort, so glorious the smell of the pines. I languish in their presence and take one more breath.

I hear the tinkle of the bell as the next customer comes in the store and realize I was lost with my nose in the pine pillow. I escaped through my sense of smell to a place of comfort. A few seconds became an eternity of an experience.

My sense of smell allows me to travel to comfort. I escape. There is no time. There is no specific place. Only where my sense takes me.

I don’t take any of my senses for granted any more because I’ve experienced so much through my senses. The energy body is luminous and expansive. When I am happy my auric field expands approximately ten feet around me. When someone who is charismatic walks in a room, I feel their presence take up the entire room.

I’m remembering I was feeling particularly happy one day and took a walk which led me to a sidewalk along a very busy street. Without awareness, cars passed by me and I immediately felt violated. My energy body was still expanded and the car brushed up against my energy body. It is a humbling experience and helped me realize my energy field needs attention as well. I’ve learned to pull in my aura when I leave the house.

As a psychic medium, I speak to loved ones from another time sharing their assuring messages they are okay. I have seen buildings that aren’t in this dimension standing in another time and place. There is so much more to our humanness than we know. Everyone has the senses I have. The question is how much attention have you paid your senses?

The world is demanding. I complete my responsibilities as I hold the duality of my physical body along with my energy body. It feels like a bifocal vision. A single lens does not give me the full picture. My mind will never figure out the Universal plan because my mind is limited by only what it knows and perceives. As I grow, my senses continue to open.

The Earth, in its ascension process has clearly moved outside its perceived box of expectations and is changing before our very eyes.

  • I am fluid with the changes.

  • I continue clearing the pain and heartache of my past.

  • Every event in my life is here to teach me.

  • I trust every human has a life plan.

  • I accept my role in the transcending earth.

  • I am present in my life.

  • I say yes to my Universe.

  • It’s my job to define my needs.

  • It’s my job to continue to purge my pain, past and present.

  • I live in the now, and when I wander off, I bring myself back to the now without judgment. Accusing myself of wrongdoing is simply a distraction off my path.

  • I choose to be my own advocate, not my accuser.

Allow by Danna Faulds

There is no controlling life.

Try corralling a lightning bolt,

Containing a tornado. Dam

A stream, and it will create a new

Channel. Resist, and the tide

Will sweep you off your feet.

Allow, and grace will carry

You to higher ground. The only

Safety lies in letting it all in –

The wild with the weak; fear,

Fantasies, failures and success.

When loss rips off the doors of

The heart, or sadness veils your

Vision with despair, practice

Becomes simply bearing the truth.

In the choice to let go of your

Known way of being, the whole

World is revealed to your new eyes.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Often times it is the last thing that you say that I go into the meditation with, and today it was letting go of your normal way of being and seeing things with new eyes. That often happens to me. An image often comes up. There was a man dressed in black and he was on the side of a playground. And there were children crowded around him and he was handing out candy. My first way of being is to be real judgey. That’s not right! He shouldn’t be handing out candy to those kids and besides, it’s Covid. And then, you said to see it with new eyes, to step back and have a response versus a reaction. So, to see it with new eyes and be curious and wonder what’s going on on this playground with these kids and this guy that I don’t know. The teacher is right there and she seems to know this guy. I get more curious about it. Come to find out it’s one of the kid’s dad and he’s doing a magic show. And they squeal in delight when he goes to someone’s ear and pulls out a piece of candy. It was completely not what I thought it was to start with. My imagination was having a delightful time with that.

  • The reading—you started with the sense of smell. That sense is so powerful. You can walk someplace and it will remind you of something that happened years ago, where you were positive or negative. In the end, you let it in, and that is important now because there is so much going on in my life right now and I tend to push it away, I can’t deal with it. But letting it in makes a difference, I’m not fighting against it. Thank you.

  • Thank you. What I heard when you talked about the senses, you were talking about being present for yourself in your inner life. Let go and separate and not listen to the external. Staying on the path of the internal world and not get thrown off my path because of what someone says or does or if something happens. That’s what I heard. It reminds me—today is Eleanor Roosevelt’s birthday and one of my favorite quotes of hers is “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I think it’s the same thing. It’s our internal life and how we feel about ourselves that counts. It’s a powerful place to be.

  • Thank you so much. When we come out of the meditation, in some traditions, the message is repeated. I wish I could hear your words after the fifteen minutes. Thank you for posting everything. It’s uncanny. I am in a long, slow shift to what I am consenting to. It’s been an emotional week with my family. This meditation group and your words are gilding everything I am doing. It’s framing it in a way making it so much more palatable and digestible. I so thank you. The words and energy help with my transmutation and transformation process. Whether I remember the words, I’m feeling the message, thank you.

  • Transmuting is a wonderful word because we take something in and words are so limiting but we’re feeling it. It transmutes itself into something that is meaningful.

  • Thank you. What you said about going out and drawing your energy in. That happened yesterday to me. I was out. There was all this noise and traffic and I felt overwhelmed. I haven’t thought of it like that. I’ve thought about personal boundaries. External traffic and noise, that affects me. I’m very sensitive. I appreciate you talking about that.

  • If you imagine a flower with so many petals and it is open. When I go out, I think about the petals closing up around me, one at a time. That helps me by imagining it, bringing in my energy field. Using that image has helped.

  • During my meditation, I started questioning when did I start being present. I remember starting it with five-minute increments. Just for five minutes I will be present. I would set a timer. Within that five minutes, I wander and bring myself back several times. It made me realize how often I bring myself out of the present. That awareness helps me keep going. I slowly increased it until I forgot about it. it’s a way of becoming aware how often our minds take us off somewhere.

  • Thank you for sharing your sacred space, your energy. I wish you a day of gentle awareness honoring your energy and your needs. Being aware teaches us so much.

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