Silent Trust

Updated: Jun 27

In the early morning hour

when my awareness is alive

I am grateful to remember

my practice of silence

Like the security of a steadfast friend

Silence stands at the door

Waiting patiently as I arise

Ready to walk hand in hand

Sometimes I wonder what am I doing

Day after day sitting in silence

As the world teems around me

With the news of our demise.

Silent meditation grants me space inside

When I am sitting with a loved one in pain.

My breath is present and my patience smooth

While witnessing in trust the path of a soul

Practicing the smoothness of this silence

Restores the calm and reminds me

I am here for me no matter what

Happens in my day

Practicing silence allows me to stand

On the edge of my sorrow and not fall in

But be a witness to the depths of my pain

And breathe

Practicing silence allows me to stand

With a loved one screaming about their life

While their body is wracked with tears

Knowing this is a breaking open of their soul

This rippling practice of silence

May look passive and inactive,

Holds a mending key to life

And healing for the masses

I witness the change that happens