Silence is the Oil That Eases Us Open

Updated: Jun 27

I was reflecting yesterday to a friend that I am made up of two minds. One lives in my human body, aware of my past and present and listens to my ego, remembers painful lessons and abides by rules. I function in the world within my boundaries and am easily manipulated by the media which is why I avoid it. I literally feel bound by human rules.

My other mind lives in my heart where all my memories of the miracles and silver linings reside. This is where my travel port is accessed and I can lift off into the expansiveness of beyond, explore other dimensions, visit with past loved ones, visit with all beings that represent love and light and access wisdom. My heart is where my compassion and gratitude live. In fact, compassion and gratitude are the fuel that keeps this part of me alive, lush with expectancy knowing anything is possible.

We are practicing compassion and gratitude by showing up every morning. We are living metaphors experiencing our consciousness together. We share our personal experiences as others relate. Heart-centered consciousness is manifesting in our lives as we tell our stories and reflect our experiences.

I occasionally am able to see a glimpse of why we are doing what we are doing and I hope I can articulate the deep meaning.

Practicing silence has afforded us the ability to witness our two minds. With this awareness, we are able to choose where we put our focus. Human life is painfully challenging, and another doorway has emerged to help us survive our challenges. We are exploring our doorways. It’s easy to get caught up in the drama of our challenges because they are very real dramas. Silence is the oil that eases open other doorways to offer us respite, hope, possibility and expectancy. The more we practice the better we get.

I welcome my doorways. It’s wonderful to watch you discover your doorways. Together we grow in awareness of what is beyond to offer us comfort, understanding and clarity to keep on going separately together.


by Bill English

We are alone,

Yet we are together

Our countries are closing borders

Yet we are one in humanity

We are afraid

Yet we will


We feel helpless

Yet if we listen closely

To the silence

We can hear the heartbeat of the world

Our empathy gym must close for now

Yet we will return

And let our time together practicing compassion

Inspire us to remember

That when we give love and understanding

We will thrive.