Silence as a Practice

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

I used to sleep with a machine!

As a student that’s the line I used

As I trained as a professional

Court reporter.

I learned a new language

and applied it to the 22 unmarked

keys and practiced until

I could type over 250 wpm.

Practice takes patience and

Trust, a clear direction and

Repetition over and over again

Until acceptance erases the fight.

That’s what I have been doing

For 154 days now –

Practicing my skill of

Silence getting to know me.

I happened upon the practice

Of silence at a retreat because

I had enough of the noise

In my head.

I reached a tipping point.

And said enough!

I surrendered and enrolled

In a week of silence.

I was fed up; I had had it.

I have patience but I was done

Being a victim to my thoughts

it was time to face the fire.

I was excited with the thought

Of a reprieve from the normal routine

And welcomed my aloneness

With books and journals and myself.

At first it was easy as I was