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Shining Love From My Heart

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Today I shared an excerpt from a Kenneth Soares meditation entitled “I Am Self Mastery.” Using your breath, let yourself feel these affirmations. Come back to your breath when you wander. Click here to hear the meditation for yourself.

Kenneth Soares is an incredible healer using affirmations that take me on a journey of joy and freedom, to open to all possibilities with my creativity and potential. In this meditation, Soares talks about the spark of divine light that we are, and how our state of being is our own responsibility. He provides affirmations to help us connect to our peaceful and courageous selves at a very deep level. To me, this meditation is like a positive jam session on myself on steroids. Whenever I doubt my self-worth, I reach for this meditation because it blasts me into a feeling of worth, love, joy and ecstasy. There is no doubt of love in our lives, because I can feel it with this meditation.

For other of his meditations, go to his YouTube channel.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • I appreciate this meditation time to go in. I see my consciousness like one of those deep sea ships, a bathysphere. I go up and down, trying to stay deep. I like being down there, it feels like monstrous things are lurking there.

  • I feel the same. I go deep, deep. When I do, I see the surface of the water above me where my thoughts are.

  • I like the concept ‘activate’. I have a friend who likes the word ‘excavate’. Like excavated inner knowing. Then there’s ‘elevate’, elevate our emotions and thoughts. Activate joy, peace, and love. In the meditation, I played with those three words. With the idea of activate, I like the thought that they are already there, they just need to be activated.

  • Fun with the three words. And what we feed our minds.

  • During the meditation, I focused on a difficult part of my childhood, when I was alone and neglected. Good things came out of it, my independence, my ability to jump into things. It came up, the question whether to stay on that path or open up to other possibilities.

  • As you read the meditation, I felt my energy shifting and becoming more. How powerful it would be to do that every day. It was great to listen to.

  • Soares has a YouTube presence, he uses his voice and music. He has different length meditations. When I feel disconnected, I listen to him.

  • The chin up idea, something I was told as a child. But this is doing it in strength, like backbone strength, in loving way.

  • I’m basking in yesterday’s celebration of my birthday. I’m the matriarch of 4 friends. In the reading, I heard the word ‘courage’. Each time we practice courage or try new things, there is always a reward. I have to do that on daily basis. The spotlight was on me yesterday, and I was asked questions like I was a guru. I thought about courage during the meditation. I’m a bit sad to think I had to get into my 70s before I could be me. It’s more fun. Courage is to be oneself.

  • The gift of being oneself

Photo credit: Erick Rodriguez

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