Seven Directions

I am wondering where I went. I am so in tune to the familiar that when I am in the unfamiliar, I disappear. I recognize this pattern and gently bring myself back. I know why I disappear. I’m scared. It’s natural. It’s instinctual. I have patience. I know what being present feels like and I steady my breathing to into my center.

I had the honor of participating in a women’s summit entitled the Magnetically Aligned Woman – Walk Into Your Power through Self Love, Self Worth and Authenticity. The podcast airs today. The founder and creator, Nicki Hu, stands up as a strong woman who followed her dream and gathered passionate women who overcame their personal difficulties to find fulfillment of one level or another.

Today, I step over the threshold into my alignment, a personal choice I have made to align by intention my Higher Power with my Life Purpose, my Inner Child, the Mother in me and my Soul. I believe in inspiring others by modeling my journey as a means to help you know you are not alone, you too can find alignment in your life, live with a sense of belonging and BE the love and support you so strongly search for outside of yourself no matter what challenges life has brought on.

I believe in this meditation community and the practice of silence every day, for it gives respite that provides a space to witness within. It may take time to hear our inner voice but it never leaves. Your Higher Self has patience, knows all your secrets and loves you anyway. Silence helps tease out the subtle Higher Self from the opinionated ego. Silence demonstrates to the scared ego you are more than the chaos. As with any scared child, it takes time to build a relationship. With patience, kindness and respect, this relationship builds slowly. The ego ultimately wants your safety. Your Higher Self offers safety. The two get to know each other through the silence. Just as you open the door to a welcome visitor, sitting in silence opens the door to an opportunity to listen with respect and kindness. You are worth the effort.

In honor of this day of alignment, and the threshold I step over, I offer this prayer, adapted from Ellen Dionna, a Celtic Shaman.

Spirits of the East, I honor you. I thank you for your wisdom and your protection. May your illumination fill my life this day—may I know right speech, right thought, right action. May I use inspiration to align with my creativity and learn from the wisdom energies of Hawk and Golden Eagle.

Spirits of the South, I honor you. I thank you for your wisdom and your protection. May I know trust and innocence this day, and align with my passion and growth. May I always remember self compassion and gentleness. May I know the healing and wisdom of Snake and of Fox.

Spirits of the West, I honor you. I thank you for your wisdom and your protection. May I know the power of Water and honor my receptivity. May I take time to reflect and follow my intuition. May all beings find intuition. May I know the Healing of Bear, the wisdom of Owl, and may I dance the Sacred Spiral with Grouse.

Spirits of the North, I honor you. I thank you for your wisdom and your protection. May I know the stability of Earth, the strength and wisdom of the Elders and of my Ancestors. May I follow their wisdom as Wise Woman Elder Healer. May I know the wisdom of Snow Owl, Moose, and White Buffalo.

Grandfather Sky, Grandmother Earth, I honor you. I thank you for your wisdom and your protection. May your Beauty shine in my life this day and may I give back some of what you give me. May all beings find the light in their lives.

Great Spirit, Source of All, I honor you. I thank you for your wisdom and your protection. May your loving light pour through me and may I pass it on. May I be that love, that light, knowing our Oneness. May I live, move and breathe through that Oneness. I am the Light and walk in the light of Oneness. I honor you with my life. Thank you for all the blessings and abundance in my life, for bringing me those whom I love. Help me know how to be with them. Bring me to those whom I’m supposed to meet and help me know how to be with them for their highest and best good. Guide me on the path of Right Relationship that I may fulfill my Destiny on this Earthplane through you.

Blessed Be

Participants’ Reflections: