What do I need is a common inner question.

The world is demanding even in times of the coronavirus.

My inner voice is reciting the should’s and have to’s.

I tend to adopt what I did yesterday instead of choosing something new today.

I am a creature of habit and habit is comfortable.

Yesterday I chose to step out of my scheduled day and did something different.

The energy in my body protested as I felt like I was walking through mud

But I persisted and felt the refreshing feeling of change.

A change in perspective alters my path

Changing my perception changes my viewpoint.

Stuck in the mundane makes for a stale existence

Adding in tiredness or feeling ill changes my whole canvas

Years ago when I chose to wear a watch on my wrist

I was challenged to switch wrists every day

I grumbled and resisted the idea of change in general

Daily practice of switching wrists did settle into a routine over time

Initially it made me feel upside down.

Change is healthy

Life is based on birth and erosion

I am at the helm of my existence

I can steer myself into a different lane

I can look for a different view

I learn new things about myself when changes occur

Even with illness I learn about myself

Even in celebration I learn about myself

Even in loss I learn about myself

I am safe changing my routine

I always learn something about myself when I change what’s expected