Updated: Jul 17

Sometimes I choose to worry what others think as I swim against the currents. I don’t blend in any more, though as I stand at the sidelines, I want to jump into the cacophony of life. I step off the wheel. I step out of life.

I am delighted to report life is moving on like a ribbon highway. Starting from the bottom, the media propagating fear filling the lanes with the what if’s, the better not’s and all the other essential warnings to keep one in fear. There are ribbons of various shades of sleep, those who have not yet broken open, shuffling with life, complaining of unfairness and bumped around in victimhood.

Then it starts getting interesting with the colors lightening up. The ribbons of those broken open in all their varieties, sleepy eyed gazing at change and willing to stay in the game, learning, exploring and discovering the incredible tales of woe that were just that – tales. Hearing their hearts for the first time and rising up for more.

Moving up more into the bright colors, this ribbon of activity is wide, busy and teeming with energy, filled with those who are fully awake, learning, exploring as they live in their changes, grieving their losses and growing with their lessons.

All the ribbons are necessary, all moving in the right direction. All welcoming as we awaken, adapt and grow into and who we already are, discovering the inner light engines are already programmed into our vessels waiting for our awakening arrival.

Alone Time is Essential by Carolyn Riker

When I grow tired

I grow quieter

but you might think

there’s something wrong

You might feel

I’ve disappeared

but I haven’t

I’m just taking a stroll

away from this world

because the steady buzz

depletes me

Let me assure you

by giving me this space

to travel beyond

we will grow closer

Alone time

rejuices my inner juices

it’s my lifeline to self-love

alone time is the heart

of my introverted kind

You see, I’ve tried to endure

the boisterous sea but

it leaves me

exceptionally grumpy

Therefore, I skip off

beyond the fences of captivity

over the hills

down to the sea

letting go

to swim with the whales

Just like that

and I know it’s time

for there will be

a nudge from the wind

a teeming streaming rainfall

a wink from a flower

a tiny wayward bug waddling

And I’ll go far away

usually inside of daydream

because all I need

besides love

is time alone

where I rest and play

where I can be me

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Thank you. I started the meditation time contemplating introvert and extrovert. I think I’m in the middle between the two. Being with people pulls me out of the blahs. I live alone and I love it and I’m a in a relationship and I love her. We both need time alone and a daily practice of quiet in some form. I realized today that I tend to orient myself to others, and taking that time for personal quiet opens the door for me to hear my own thoughts. I hear myself more. Thank you.

  • Thank you very much. During the meditation, I had to bring myself back to presence, and after doing that a few times, I had this beautiful image. You talked about ribbons, and I saw an image of an open field that had been plowed. There were rows ready for planting and I imagined myself laying ribbons of different colors down the rows. These rows of ribbons reminded me of us as the different colors, standing at the end of the rows which is our alone time. Then we come here to our meditation time, we are a part but we look ahead and listen and we see a convergence coming together of those ribbons like railroad tracks converging. It is so beautiful how we are apart and how we come together and converge in a depth of understanding and being together.

  • I saw a variation on the same theme. At Bryn Mawr, they have a big May Day celebration with a maypole. Everyone starts out far apart and then rhythmically come around, and eventually the ribbons are all wound around the pole. They start out separate and wind up together.

  • The image of the ribbons reminded me of the image of flowing water you brought up the other day, the current and being carried with it, and the salmon leaping, which is pretty joyful.

  • Thank you. I listened to