Updated: Aug 18, 2020

I’ve spent a lot of time with me.

Precisely 578,160 hours in my life so far

Witnessing, experiencing, denying, distracting

Learning, loving, playing, waiting and sleeping.

I reflect on who I am often

As I sit in silence and watch

What images dance before me

Or wait in the emptiness.

I reflect on who I am when I hear

Questions of seekers curious

To understand why life threw

That curve ball and landed them there.

I reflect on who I am as I watch

Plays and movies and shows

Wondering who the actors are

As they depict someone else.

I reflect on who I am as I gaze

In the mirror looking at the

New wrinkles and sags,

Feeling the tiredness.

I have let go of a lot of

Pain and loss, heartache too,

Stubborn stuckness, resentment,

Jealousy and envy.

My agenda still has items

To release, to watch and to achieve.

My inner eye is still keeping tabs on

Finding balance, meaning and love.

I’m grateful for my lack of interest

On things that pull me off balance.

I recognize the patterns that

lead me nowhere but down.

I bathe myself in inspiration