I have an internal dialogue that begins when I write because I feel its trueness, and test it to the worst that happened in my life, the loss of my daughter. I ask how can I speak of this in light of that? How can I represent this facet when I’ve lived that?

Without fail, I talk truth. My body is a barometer for truth. I literally feel uncomfortable when I don’t exist in truth. My heart beats true. My perceptions smell truth. I am truth. My fear lives in the past and future. My truth is in the now. I feel present and capable in now situations, much more than I do remembering past problems and imagining future problems.

To live in truth is grounded in the present. My lifelong anxiety is based on traumatic memories and future worries. When I’m handling situations, I’m present. My panic attacks lessened when my eyes opened, and my attention was brought back to the present. My breath is an anchor.

I set my intention to live in truth. I stay in truth and I am safe. I wander to the past and I activate fear. I scout ahead to the future and I’m on uneven ground. The presence holds the key.

The Power of Presence

by Eckhart Tolle

There is no past or future.

Only the now the present moment.

The past is a memory in the mind

a memory that is remembered

in the present moment.

The future is an imagination of the mind

an imagined reality that comes

as the present moment.

Past and future are concepts created by the mind

to help us make sense of what has happened

and what might happen.

The truth is

life is experienced in the

eternal present moment.

The Now

So why not honor and appreciate the Now?

Why not give it our full focused attention?

To place focus on the Now

is to cultivate presence in our lives.