Power of Intention

Today I call in angels that represent my highest and best good.

I call upon

Archangel Michael in the south

Archangel Gabriel in the west

Archangel Uriel in the north

Archangel Raphael in the east

Archangel Metatron above

Archangel Sandalphon below

And my Highest Divine Self from within

Thank you for your protection, healing light, guidance and divine communication.

Connect with me now.

I hold this space for all of us as we align our hearts. We belong. We breathe in kindness and comfort. We align with our true nature. We acknowledge our authenticity.

We gather today using our physical eyes to witness love and our internal eyes to invite in compassion and love.

We gather today with our physical ears aware of life around us, and listening within our inner ears to our internal sounds and welcome in acceptance.

Invoking the power of angels is as easy as saying the words. I’ve learned to rely on angels by asking for help with anything I need help with. I don’t need the names of angels, though it’s fun to say them. I feel the essence of each one when I speak their name or their job. I feel the essence of each of you when I speak your name.

I started calling on angels to help with doctor’s appointments with my daughter. I wanted support every step of the way, from the car ride to the moment in the exam room. I needed courage to talk about hard things. I needed steady emotions. I needed to be present and patient.

I imagined an angel hovering at all four wheels as we drove. I could see the wind blowing as they held fast in their positions. An angel accompanied my daughter like a tutor would, comforting her. An angel was hanging around the receptionist to help with patience. An angel accompanied the doctor, especially with us there, to enhance all communication.

By using my imagination and my inside voice, I was supported at every step. The car was full. The room was full. I was more comfortable. The angels had their jobs.

It doesn’t take a special skill to call in an angel. It takes awareness of what is needed and then expressing it. I could write it out or imagine it or speak my need. It was easier to call on angels for my daughter. When it came to supporting me, I would forget or stammer or be distracted. My sense of guilt or shame or deservedness got in the way—a big clue to continue to work on my self-worth.

I practiced every moment I remembered to call in an angel. Angels are present for us. They are here at our bidding. We don’t have to prove our worthiness. We have to simply ask.

Humanity is sludging through the ascension of our planet and life is hard. I listen to people’s pain and I hear the struggle. Life is not fair, nor is it predictable. Change is always happening. Send an angel to comfort. Ask an angel for support.

When I first learned to invoke an angel, I was embarrassed. It was a private request I kept inside. In my work, I call in angels. The power of words holds energy beyond just the sound of them.

Calling in help by naming the need is calling in an angel. A parking angel. A courage angel. A comforting angel. A patience angel. A calming angel. A solution angel. Anything is possible, all in the name of love and support. All defined by what I need. I imagine what I need and it becomes real. I set the intention and I open to belief. I have the power to ask for help and I have the power to deny help.