Palpable Presence

With the intention of connecting within and writing a morning meditation, I practice exercises to wake up my energy body. I ask me to be present, all of me. Using a Pranic healing exercise, I bounce 100 times in place imagining all my lymph nodes waking up, draining and renewing.

I thump my thymus and other places to connect. I draw my meridians to enhance my internal organs working well. I rub my hands together and feel my energy tingle, and then touch lightly the bottom of each foot, asking for my energy to meet me there, to join me all the way down to my feet. I have to repeat that one several times.

I slow down and listen -- finally words come. Share about finding myself every morning.

Find my mind. Where am I? What am I pondering at the moment?

Find my heart. What a whirlwind weekend living with young kids following their energy, their excitement, their curiosity.

Where is my body? I’m grateful I slept all night. I had a quiet release into unconscious sleep. All my aches and pains, worries and cares, scattered energy releasing into sleep.

A new day. A new chapter. A new opportunity.

We all deal with the weight of our lives. The worries and complex situations with no easy answers. The weight of our communities and world concerns. It’s all real and all very palpable.

I remember participating in a circle of healers, joined together in intention before we break off into subgroups. We imagined a ball of energy into being in the middle of our circle and it grew. A collective presence of love, healing and light. Each of us intending the ball of light to grow into the large space between our circumference. I held my hands out with palms outward. The ball of light had reached giant proportions so as I breathed and waited, my palms could feel the weight of the ball pressing back.

Collectively, with intention, our minds and hearts created a presence only of love and light. It was palpable. The ball was humongous, almost too big to contain. I breathed in steadiness. Our collective intention held the parameters of love, light and healing energy and it became real. I’ve never forgotten the experience.

When I am worried about situations, real situations in my life, they become palpable balls of energy that feel heavy, weighing me down, pulling on my legs and feet like I’m walking through mud. It’s not in my mind. It’s in my energy.

I can change my energy though I may not be able to change the situation. With intention, I can meet myself at the borders of my body and entice my energy to join with my intention.

I gently ask myself, all of me, to be present.

I bounce 100 times in place, not lifting my feet or toes, just gentle bouncing as I imagine my lymph nodes waking up, draining and renewing.

I thump my thymus. I trace my meridians to enhance all my organs are working. I rub my hands together and hold my palms an inch or two apart and feel my tingling energy. I hold my tingling hand to my bare feet until I feel the tingle there, almost like knocking on my door waiting for me to answer. Sometimes I have to knock several times until I arrive, because I know I’m in there. I don’t give up.

I slow down to listen.

I listen to my self-talk. Where am I? What am I pondering at the moment? I breathe in a gentle light and imagine a blackboard filled with worries and concerns, and I erase it. The words may appear again, and with a new breath, I erase it again. This is my moment.